Petal Pearled Alligator Garnets Signature Toggle Necklace
Petal Pearled Alligator Garnets Signature Toggle Necklace
Petal Pearled Alligator Garnets Signature Toggle Necklace
Petal Pearled Alligator Garnets Signature Toggle Necklace

Petal Pearled Alligator Garnets Signature Toggle Necklace

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  • 5mm Faceted Green "Alligator" Garnets special cut into cube shapes
  • Freshwater "petal" pearls throughout the entire necklace
  • Solid 925 Sterling Silver accent beads & components
  • Handcrafted by Cristy Cali with a whole lot of love 


Green "Alligator" Garnets

The green garnet is a calcium aluminum silicate, which belongs to the Grossularite family of garnets. Judy Hall’s The Crystal Bible, states that these are “useful stones[s] to have during challenges and lawsuits. It teaches relaxation and going with the flow, and inspires service and cooperation. This stone enhances fertility and aids assimilation of Vitamin A. It is excellent for arthritis and rheumatism and fortifies the kidneys. It is beneficial for the skin.”

To elaborate on Hall’s statements, all green gemstones have a metaphysical correlation to the heart chakra, nature, health and wealth. Health is wealth, and health often begins with the heart, our cardiovascular system - the organs responsible for beating to the rhythm of life. Our pulse and heartbeat are quite literally reminders and signals of our mortal life. And to continue on that point, while mortality is a physical reality, eternal life of the spirit is a metaphysical, spiritual and energetic reality. Our legacy continues to live far beyond our physical lives through the love we express in our lifetimes. 

When we live a life inspired by the harmony and cooperation of Mother Nature, there is no competition - only growth. 


Pearled Alligator Garnets Design

This design is sooo fine! The simplicity of the pattern, and rarity of the stone, is not something you see every day. Seriously... how often do you see green garnet jewelry? 

I came up with the term "Alligator Garnets" intuitively. As soon as these gorgeous faceted cube gemstones arrived at my home-studio and I began contemplating what to make with them and the term just appeared in my mind. I live near the Vieux Carré Spillway and I see alligators quite often. 

According to Native American spiritual teachings, alligators represent wisdom and are said to be protectors of knowledge. How fitting, as green garnets are associated with the heart chakra, the center of wisdom. 

May this design serve you by inspiring you to open your heart and allow your inner wisdom to guide you. Remember, alligators wait patiently for opportunities and take them when they can. You'll know when the time is right to make a move. All you have to do is stop overthinking, stop overanalyzing, and trust that your heart knows what is right. 


How To Care For Your Jewelry

Gemstones come in many different cuts and degrees of hardness. Some gemstones can break if dropped or hit against something solid. Never expose your jewelry to chemicals, including alcohol found in many perfumes. Ultrasonic cleaners use modern technology to safely clean jewelry with gemstones. If you do not own an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, click here to read The Best Way to Clean Your Jewelry Without Harmful Chemicals.

To caution on the safe side, treat your Signature Beaded Gemstone jewelry with the upmost love and respect as if your jewelry had it's own consciousness because that's what I believe. Everything is alive, even rocks, and they vibrate at a frequency which allows us to feel their metaphysical & healing properties.


Due to the unique and natural irregularity of genuine gemstones, each creation is slightly different and may not look exactly like the product photos. We feel this is what makes every piece unique and valuable.

Prices are subject to change without notice, as gemstones in the same, or greater consistency of cut and quality may not always be obtained at the same cost due to several uncontrollable environmental and political factors.

Signature Designs with a lobster clasp may be made longer and adjustable by adding our 1" bracelet extension or 2" necklace extension.

Signature designs are not usually stocked and often made to order. Please allow up to 10 business days for Cristy Cali and the team to handcraft your jewelry before shipping.

Signature Designs require more care than cast jewelry. Beaded gemstone jewelry should never be dipped in silver cleaner or other harsh chemicals. Click here to learn more about proper jewelry care.

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