Erzulie's Divine Love

inspired by
voudou goddess mythology

I'm thrilled to introduce an exquisite jewelry design inspired by the enchanting Erzulie Dantor, serving as a testament to the strength and protective energy of the revered Vodou deity.

This exquisite piece embodies the fierce and nurturing qualities of Erzulie Dantor, featuring intricate details and a bold aesthetic reminiscent of her empowering presence. Often portrayed as a black Madonna motif, capturing the essence of a protective mother. Adorn yourself with a celebration of feminine strength and unwavering love. Let the spirit of Erzulie Dantor accompany you, providing a sense of empowerment and guardianship in every step you take.

My intention with this design is for you to choose to wear this piece with your own thoughtful intention to carry yourself throughout the day with the grace of confidence, strength and power through self-love.



      Your mantra when you wear this piece is:

      There is power in softness. 

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