our mission

To generate happiness and cultivate a loving community through the design & production of meaningful jewelry designs with empowering intentions and above all, created with a whole lot of love.

our vision

To witness and become an integral part of awakening humanity to the healing power of creative expression, gemstones and community.

Our Story

Born in Guatemala and raised in New Orleans, Cristy Cali grew up traveling back and forth during her early years. She's traveled the world, thanks to her family's multiple exporting businesses, from jewelry to handcrafted goods and home decor.

At the time when Katrina hit, Cali was a sophomore at Ursuline Academy High School. The devastation nearly cost her family's enterprise. As an only child, Cali felt a call of duty to become more involved in her family's French Quarter jewelry business and became hooked. She learned how to design and produce jewelry over the years through internships and apprenticeships in different countries, such as Thailand and Mexico. By the age of 21, she had developed her own jewelry line.

After 7 years of working for her family's business, Cali decided to venture out on her own. Five months after graduating from Loyola University of New Orleans, where she majored in international business, she founded her jewelry company.

Cali works with talented artisans to cast her precious metal jewelry and imports quality gems from all over the globe including, but not limited to, India, Mexico, Thailand, France, Italy, and Hong Kong to bring you Cristy's Collection - an international business founded and operated in New Orleans. She continued her professional jewelry design education by becoming a certified CAD/CAM tech from the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California. 

In 2014 she was featured on the cover of New Orleans Magazine for being one of their "People To Watch," an award any hard-working entrepreneur appreciates to heart.

Her journey and growth as a designer has led her to expand the inspiration behind her jewelry from solely focused on New Orleans to more spiritual and empowering. Since many customers were confiding in Cali with personal stories of trauma and heartache, Cali felt a desire to do more than just offer jewelry for comfort. In 2016, she embarked on a two-year journey to pursue certification in Holistic Life Coaching and ordination as a spiritual counselor to help empower her customers and audience.

Now, in addition to being a passionate jewelry designer, she serves humanity as self-love advocate working to motivate and guide others to live more meaningful and rewarding life.


We are a Latin & women-owned business with an all female team

Fatima Alaya


Fatima has been packaging every order with care and attention to detail since 2017. As a mother to three beautiful children, she enjoys the flexibility of being able to create her own schedule to spend quality time with her family.

Sol Lopez


Soledad "Sol" Lopez has been a part of our family since summer 2019 as our Magazine Street store manager. Upon closing the shop in 2021, she transitioned into a customer service role and has developed strong relationships with our clients. As a mother to three beautiful children, she enjoys the flexibility of working from home, or at our offices as needed, to spend quality time with her family.

Sarah Joy Rose


Once Cristy's music teacher, Sarah has become an integral part of the team not only as a website manager, but also a customer service specialist. The flexibility of working virtually allows her the freedom to pursue her passion of teaching music and other subjects to her elementary school students.



Purple is the highest vibrational color of forgiveness and self-love.


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