Cali Amulet



What does this mean to you?

This phrase means something different to everyone. Your story is uniquely yours.

Originally designed during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as a cry for all the homesick who were unable to return home.


      Looking for protection? The Cali Amulet is a mystical amulet with the intention of protection against negative energy and it's all in the numbers. Inspired by the Native American Medicine Wheel, this amulet contains the sign of the cross, a symbol of the human being - where spirit (vertical line) and earth (flat line) come together. We are the evidence of a Higher Source. We Are It. 

      Ancient Native Americans teachings explain that our inner power can be used for the greater good (love) or to separate humanity (evil). Protection amulets are designed to remind the wearer of the infinite potential of love we each hold within ourselves. True protection does not actually come from the Amulet, although the love that went into the creation of this piece is relevant; the true protection comes from you remembering who and what you really are - Divine. 


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