1. What kind of metal/material is used?

The best, of course. 

We work with the best and only the best quality materials - sterling silver and gold. Cristy's jewelry is never just silver plated. All jewelry is solid sterling silver and stamped 925. The gold jewelry is all 2 or 3 micron gold over sterling silver. Solid 18k gold is used on designed with "18K" in the title. We offer solid 18k gold pieces plus mixed with silver.


2. Is your jewelry nickel-free?


Sterling silver needs to be mixed with another alloy for strength and we use copper instead of nickel.  


3. What is your exchange/refund policy?

Click here please. 


4. What is your shipping policy?

We ship all orders within 2 business days. 

Please take this additional processing time into consideration when selecting your shipping method; always account for an additional 2 days for processing. Should you need to place an urgent order, including overnight delivery, feel free to give contact so we can do our best to accommodate to your situation and circumstances. We've helped quite a number husbands & boyfriends get out the dog house! 😅  😉 

Signature Required - if you would like to sign for your package, please indicate this in the special instructions box. We are offering this additional service free of charge upon request. 

Preorder Items in your order: This is an opportunity for free shipping! If you have one or more preorder items in your order along with other in-stock merchandise, the in-stock merchandise will ship according to normal procedure. Preorder items have an estimated time frame as to when they will ship, and when they do ship, it's complimentary shipping! 

Signature Items in your order: Remember, Signature items are made-to-order by Cristy. Each Signature item has a time-frame of up to 10 business days for creation. If there is a Signature item in your order along with other non-signature items, your order will not ship until the Signature item has been made so everything ships together.  

Important note to Louisiana residents

FedEx Express Saver is $3.75 on orders $40+ (3 business days minimum)

FedEx Home Delivery is $5 on orders over $50 and FREE on orders $100+ (1 business day)

It may be slightly more expensive, but choosing the Ground/Home Delivery option is much quicker because all shipping methods other than ground must be processed through the airport. If you place an order and choose to ship via ground, you should receive it the following day, if we were able to get your order out that same day. Orders are scheduled for drop off Monday - Friday between 4:30-8PM CT. We work hard to help you receive your merchandise in a timely fashion. If you're unsure whether or not your order will come in before a certain deadline, give us a call! We'll figure this out together!

It is against company policy (not ours, theirs) for someone to order directly from us and pick up at one of our authorized retailers.


International Shipping:

All duties and fees related to customs are the responsibility of the purchaser. Cristy Cali does not pay for duties owed that will be charged by customs when arriving in your country. All international orders must be placed online.  


5. Are prices included inside orders? 


On all orders, we include an order detail sheet with your invoice number, billing and shipping information, a detailed list of your purchased items, shipping method selected and gift instructions, if any. No prices are reflected. 

There is one exception - on subscription orders, the price of the program does appear. However, if your subscription is a gift to someone else, please let us know as soon as your order is placed and include your order number so we can print a packing slip instead.  


6. Can I order online and pick up at a third-party retailer?

Nope! Sorry... 

It is against company policy (not ours, theirs) for a customer to pick up an item at a third-party retailer when the order was purchased directly from us. This is for two reasons, 1 - the retailer is completely by-passed in the transaction and 2 - since there is no record of the sale from their database, their inventory tracking would be compromised. 


7. Are premium gift boxes included?

If you ask nicely ;) 

Premium gift boxes are included with your order when the "Yes, I need a gift box, please!" option is checked off, which is located on each item's product page, and if the item meets the minimum purchase requirement. 

We're a small company and we use all of our packaging conservatively. If you do not check off the checkbox you will not receive our premium gift boxes.

By default, our signature purple pouches are included for each product ordered, then placed in a purple packer box for safe travels. For specific instructions on how you would like us to package your gifts, please let us know in the "please leave special instructions" section on the cart page (only visible when items are in your cart). If you would like multiple gift boxes for each item, or if you prefer consolidated, we'll make it happen, you just have to let us know.

Please see list below for MPR. We offer the purchase of our gift boxes should you need additional gift boxes or if your purchase amount did not meet the minimum requirement to obtain one. Click here to purchase our beautiful gift boxes!

Minimum Purchase Requirements:

  • Ring/charm box - $35
  • Earrings/small pendant box - $35
  • Flexible bracelet box - $40
  • Large pendant/cuff bracelet box - $75


8. Where do I input my discount code or gift card number?

Only one discount code per order is allowed.  

Sometimes we offer more than one discount code offer, but that's because we would like you to use the one that saves you more! 

Don't forget to sign in, if you've created an account. This is helpful in keeping track of your spending and earning coupons!

Type in your code in the area indicated in the screenshot below.


9. What is rhodium? What does it mean? 

Rhodium is a special coating used on our chains that serves a number of purposes. The primary distinction between rhodium and non-rhodium plated chains is the color of the finish. Rhodium plated chains are darker than the non-rhodium plated chains. They also offer protection against tarnishing and is hypoallergenic for those with a mild allergic reaction to nickel, occasionally found in some sterling pieces. Rhodium is slightly more expensive than non-rhodium plated chains. We offer both selections because rhodium plated chains look and pair up much better with pendants with dark, oxidized accents. 


10. How do I choose the right chain for a particular pendant?

It's a piece of cake...

On all of our pendant product pages, there is a option for you to add specific chains Cristy assigned to that particular item. We already did the hard part for you, which is to match up the right style chain for that item. Some pendants will offer two styles because we believe both chains would equally match. These are simply recommendations Cristy matched up. The website has its own chain category, so you're welcome to choose any chain you like, should you decide not to purchase the recommended chain. We also recommend that you have two of the same chains in different lengths, because depending on what you wear, one length may look better than another. V-necks look best with longer chains. Crew necks tend to swallow your necklace if it's right at that length where it could slip in and our of your shirt easily; in which case, a  much shorter or longer length would fix that problem. 


11. Do you offer a warranty? 

Absolutely! We stand behind our products. 

Our jewelry has a one year replacement guarantee.

If your jewelry breaks due to a production flaw, we will replace or repair it within one year of your purchase, at no cost to you except shipping to us. Jewelry purchased for more than 30% off the original price is exempt from warranty. If your jewelry breaks after one year, you are welcome to send back to us for repair; although, we advise you visit your local jeweler. 

Proof of purchase is required to obtain a free replacement or repair. If your jewelry was purchased on this website, we will have a record of the sale using any billing or shipping information. Send us an email if you would like to request this information.

Please send jewelry for repair to mailing address above and include a prepaid self-addressed envelope for the return of your free new replacement or repair. 

Exchange Return Address if shipping via USPS: PO BOX 723, Destrehan, La 70047

Exchange Return Address if shipping via FedEx or UPS: 5860 Citrus Blvd. Suite D #180, New Orleans LA 70123


12. How do I clean and care for my sterling silver jewelry?

On jewelry designs with oxidation or patina, we recommend polishing your jewelry with jewelry cloths. This is the safest way to remove any natural tarnishing without damaging or accidentally removing the hand-applied oxidation on our pieces. On items that are plain silver, especially chains, any liquid silver cleaner will do the job. Make sure to read silver cleaner instructions thoroughly because if used improperly, silver cleaner can damage your jewelry permanently.

We recommend the following links on understanding why sterling silver tarnishes (yes, there are scientific reasons why this occurs) and how to care and clean your jewelry:


13. Do you take custom orders?

Not at this time...

While we greatly appreciate and are flattered you have considered us to make something custom for you, we are not accepting custom orders. 


14. What is your Sale Policy?

We offer sales a few times throughout the year. If you happen to have placed an order within 72 hours before a sale goes live, please shoot us an email. We will send you an eGift Card for the difference you would have saved. eGift Cards expire five years after the issue date. 


15. Out of stock? Sold out? What does that mean?!

Items described as being on "Clearance" or "to be discontinued" are designs which will no longer be reproduced; once they're gone they're gone for good! If a Limited Edition item is sold out, that also means it's gone for good. Any other products on the website that are "sold out" or "out of stock" are always restocked. We do our best to avoid reaching a zero inventory count on all designs, especially our best sellers, but this happens from time to time. Usually designs are only out of stock for 2-8 weeks. Keep checking back or send us an email for more information if you're interested in an item that is temporarily "sold out."


16. Do you wholesale?

We sure do...

If you would like to be considered to be an authorized Cristy Cali Retailer, please click on this link to fill out our Dealer Inquiry Form and we will contact you. We are actively seeking retailers in areas where we currently have no retailers and we work on exclusive terms. 

17. I see you have school charms. Can you make one for my school?

Of course we can!

BUT, we cannot produce a school charm by request of students, parents or other affiliates. We need legal permission to utilize logos and artwork owned by the organization. School charms are projects in direct communication with the schools. Someone with legal authority from the school administration must contact us to inquire about the different proposals we have available to work with the school. We may be reached at Info@CristyCali.com.

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