Personal Post: Looking Forward To My Arizona Move

Just To Be Clear...

Before anyone makes any inaccurate assumptions:

✔️ My business will continue to operate from New Orleans
✔️ I have a secondary residence in New Orleans on Magazine Street
✔️ My Virtual Trunk Shows will continue to be filmed in New Orleans

My company, friends, family and my heart are all in New Orleans. This move is not in any way an abandonment of a life I've created; but rather, an expansion of what truly inspires me. 



❔ Why Are You Moving❔

Two or three years ago, my husband and I decided that we wanted a change of lifestyle. We're actually very outdoorsy people - we love motorbikes, 4-wheelers, camping and going on adventures.

We have both lived in New Orleans the majority of our lives and felt a deep desire to change our environment to explore our country and spend more quality time together, doing what makes us both happy. 

My husband, Jack Cali, is a self-employed software developer and has the ability to work from anywhere. 

Until I opened my shop on Magazine Street (now closed) the vast majority of the work I personally do to contribute to my business is virtual. I can work from anywhere with the exception of a few tasks. 



❔ When Are You Moving❔

At the time I'm writing this initial post, our projected moving date is March 10. 

We bought a beautiful piece of property in Desert Hills (North Phoenix) 2 years ago and were about to start building right before the pandemic, which significantly slowed down our project. 

Our home still isn't finished, but we would like to be present during the major part of the build. So, we are renting temporarily for a few months until we are finally able to move into our new home - hopefully, by the fall! 🤞🤞🤞



❔ When Will You Be Back❔


Within the showroom, I'll be building a studio where I will film my Virtual Trunk Shows. The tentative date for my next Virtual Trunk Show is scheduled for Sunday, May 2nd - the weekend before Mother's Day. 

Not to mention, I need to come home to spend some time with my momma, my in-laws and friends! 

Once I am able to pin down my schedule for the next 6 months, I will create a calendar or days I will be available for Meet & Greet events in the showroom should anyone be interested in visiting on those particular days. 


🏢 Private Showroom Coming April 2021

If you read my blog post about my Magazine Street Shop Closing, then you probably know about the Private Showroom I'm creating near the New Orleans Airport. 

The Private Showroom will be a by-appointment-only location where you can come shop in person, take pictures in our Instagram-worthy wall, and enjoy the full shopping experience Cristy Cali has to offer. 

The PS will be located at 110 James Drive W, St. Rose, LA 70087 with appointment availability Wednesday - Sunday 11AM - 6PM

We will offer 1-hour reservations with $20 deposit and 30-min reservations with $10 deposit. Deposits will be applied towards purchases during your visit. 

👑 Krewe Members will be exempt from deposit requirement. As the date nears, you will see a special link to book your free reservation in the Krewe Home page. 

You will be able to make a reservation up to 1 hour before the scheduled time, and up to 60 days in advance. To ensure we are able to offer you a memorable experience, no more than 4 people will be allowed per reservation. 


🛑 Custom Requests Closed Until Further Notice 

Until I am able to get completely settled into my new space and organized, I will be unable to accept custom requests or anything that will require my workbench set up. 

By early-April, I hope to reopen this option for you. When I do, I will make an announcement here in my Designer's Desk Blog and post in all my social media channels to ensure everyone who follows my work gets the memo 😉


 ❔ Any Questions for me❔

If you have any questions about the Private Showroom, my move to Arizona, or anything in between, please feel free to leave a comment in the blog and I'd be happy to answer them!