Your Black Friday Survival Guide from Cristy Cali

As the leaves turn and the air chills, a different kind of season approaches—a season of savings. Black Friday is nearly here, and at Cristy Cali, we've been sprinkling a bit of our own magic to ensure it’s the most enchanting shopping event you've ever experienced. With a flurry of deals and exclusive offerings, it's time to unveil your essential Black Friday Survival Guide, tailored to make your holiday shopping as smooth as silk.
Shipping & Returns - The Cristy Cali Way:
At Cristy Cali, we know anticipation is half the joy. That's why we ensure your orders usually ship within 3 business days. And for a sprinkle of extra holiday joy, we're offering Free Shipping on orders over $100. Imagine the convenience of having your treasures delivered right to your doorstep without the extra cost!
But what about those moments when you wish to rechoose? We've got you covered. This holiday season, shop with the utmost confidence. Enjoy effortless returns until January 31st. Feel free to exchange any item at no additional cost, or if you prefer a refund, we only ask for a minimal 15% restocking fee. It's our way of saying, "We understand — sometimes the heart wants what it wants!"
The Anticipation of Savings:
Mark your calendars because our official Black Friday Sale ignites from November 14th to 31st. Picture it as a week-long carnival of cut prices and stylish finds, a perfect opportunity to indulge in the luxury you deserve. Starts in: 
A Glimpse at the Glittering Best Sellers:
Curious eyes, here's your chance to get an exclusive sneak peek at our best sellers. These are the gems that have sparked joy and captivated hearts. This season, make sure they're on your wishlist, because, starting Black Friday, they’re yours for 25% off. From the soulful allure of the
Special Event Announcement:
Join us live on November 17th and 26th and shop all products at 25% off during this live show. Additionally, we will be giving away a free jewelry travel case to all orders above $200 (excluding tax and shipping) placed during the live show. 
Please read our live show rules and policies here 
So, as you prepare to immerse yourself in the thrills of Black Friday shopping, remember that Cristy Cali is here to add a touch of sparkle and serenity to the experience. Let's celebrate the season of giving with style, savings, and a whole lot of heart.
With this guide, we hope to not only provide you with the information you need but also to infuse the excitement and warmth that Cristy Cali stands for. Happy shopping, and may your Black Friday be as brilliant as the jewelry you choose to adorn.
With sparkling wishes,
Cristy Cali