Magazine Street Store Closing


Just a few days ago, I received confirmation from the James Business Park property manager that I will have access to my new space on February 15th. That being said, I can officially announce that Sunday, February 14, 2021 will be our last day open on Magazine Street. We will be open from 11-5 that day. I'm still unsure of what hours I'll be there myself, but I will definitely be at the shop tomorrow, Saturday, February 13th. 

We have A LOT of work ahead of us to prepare this new private showroom. With the success of my Virtual Trunk Shows, I'm even going to build a permanent studio for us to film these shows.

This new "private showroom" concept will allow us to refocus our attention on improving our online shopping experience, assisting & engaging with customers on social media, while also offering in-person visits. Although we have yet to figure out our hours of operation, we will be working with an appointment-only schedule which will ultimately help us better serve you.

The walk-in traffic of Magazine was too unpredictable to determine if one or two people should be working on a given day. If too many people came into the shop, it became difficult to offer the attention and care we much prefer to deliver to each client. The by-appointment-only strategy will allow us to be prepared for your arrival - we can look up your order history to see what you've already purchased, offer you coffee, tea and give you and your party the opportunity to shop undisturbed with our full attention. 

There are many other benefits to this move you may not see, but greatly affect our day-to-day operations, such as:

  • Consolidating inventory
  • Less overhead
  • Closer to employees' home
  • Lots of parking
  • Very close to FedEx :) 
  • More relaxing environment

That being said, I know this isn't a prime-time retail location, and "having been there and done that" I'm extremely confident this is going to be a great move for us, and you, all around. As soon as we are ready to welcome you to the new private showroom, we'll post on social media and send an email & text message to subscribers

Also, at some point, I'll post a calendar of days I will be at the showroom for meet & greets should anyone wish to meet me 😁

If you're interested in seeing the location on Google Maps, click here!

Thank you for taking the time to read my latest update and catching up with us!




While I still do not have an exact store-closing date yet, I do have a time frame of January 20-February 20.

Here is the scoop:

My shipping & distribution office has been located near the Kenner/St. Rose Parish line, very close to the airport, since 2018. Very convenient for shipping! The building is a lovely courtyard-style complex with direct access - no need to enter a lobby.


According to the property manager, the tenant in the suite right next to mine is going out of business (limo company) and they are planning on moving out in the next 30-60 days.


In order for me to get the suite right next to mine and close the store, I need to wait for them to move out.


That being said, my idea is to move everything here and create a Private Showroom with minimal set hours open to the general public, and by appointment only the rest of the week.


I know this isn't the most exciting prime retail location to visit, but we will regularly offer incentives & special offers to come visit us here!


This move is going to help us lay low, keep expenses to a minimum, while we focus on continuing to design, produce, & deliver high quality jewelry; offering meaningful & personable customer service; and improving your website & shopping experience every opportunity we get!


Honestly, I see great things ahead for us. Now that I realized how amazing these Virtual Trunk Shows can be, I'm EXTREMELY excited about becoming a hybrid-virtual company.


Oh, the possibilities!


When the economy bounces back, we can go to concerts, and parades & festivals are legal again, I will evaluate the situation and determine if, when & where reopening another brick-and-mortar store would be the best move for us.


Until then, we will continue to serve you online and I'm looking forward to our next chapter, TOGETHER!


***Original Blog Post 11/23/2020***


Dearest Customers,

It is with great sadness AND happiness 🎭 that I must announce the closing of my Magazine Street shop. I will be the 5th business to close on my block alone. The economic impact of this pandemic has been severe. And the recent announcement from the City of New Orleans regarding the cancellation of Mardi Gras 2021 certainly makes staying in business that much more difficult. 

As an artist, waking up in the mornings and being motivated to work my butt off just to cover our operating expenses is not a way I wish to live. I would rather close the store temporarily for a better quality of life, and refocus my efforts to continue to serve you online with my website - the way it all started in 2012! 

Accepting this possibility was very difficult for me because of the store's history and the emotional significance. The previous tenant, Sterling Silvia, my family's business, had their second location here (their original location in the French Quarter is still open). After years of not speaking to my family after quitting and a dramatic fall out, we reconciled in early 2019. When they learned I had a desire to open a store, they graciously offered to move out for me, so that I may have an opportunity to open my store there. They even left their showcases behind for me!

If you remember anything about my shop, please know that in my heart 💜 this store represented the forgiveness journey my family and I went through. They had finally given me their blessing after initially having ill feelings from my decision to start my own company, with my own vision. 

Because of this I felt guilt, shame and great disappointment in myself, although this situation was completely out of my control. I felt closing the shop would be letting my family and all of my customers down. I felt responsible. Feelings of being a failure began to creep into my mind. 

That was a really tough couple of weeks for me to process everything. I was overwhelmed and consumed with negative thoughts about my self-worth. Somehow along the way, I managed to create a connection in my mind between the economic impact of my shop and my own self-worth. 

But I am Cristy Cali. Me. 🙌

I had to snap myself out of this self-loathing state and pick myself up, if not for all of you, but especially for me. I am not my shop. I am not my business. And no matter how "successful" or "unsuccessful" my business looks on paper I am worthy and I am more than enough

My family sat me down and not only expressed their support of my decision, but also mentioned they would look forward to helping me open another store again sometime in the future when things turn back around.

We did it once - we can do it again! And better!

This year has been incredibly difficult for everyone, but I have to say, I have seen these challenges bring forth expressions love and support from all directions - not just for me in my life, but everywhere! 💗

Although this is sad news, please be happy for me. Be happy that I made it this far and I was able to manifest something from my imagination - a space that truly represented who I am, my journey, and most importantly a space I designed for YOU ✨

Not if, but when the economy bounces back and New Orleans is in full swing with our world-famous festivals and carnival season and all the things that make the Crescent City the magical place it is - I will also make a comeback with another storefront. Until then, I will seize this opportunity to make improvements on my website, revise & refresh my jewelry collection, and most importantly, focus on taking care of myself. 

If you have not visited the shop yet, please do! At this time, I am not sure exactly when the shop will close, but I do know it will be sometime after Christmas🎄. I'm even planning on throwing a store closing party! Keep scrolling down for more info. 

I would like to thank all my friends, family, customers, and especially 👑 Krewe members, for your love and support. The Krewe Membership program has been an immense help to our operations and I will continue to spoil my members with as much value as I can offer. 

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