MAD GREENS COLLECTION: Abundance Is A State Of Mind


This week we're celebrating the Mad Greens Collection designed to inspire the idea that abundance is a state of mind. 

All green gemstones have a metaphysical correlation to the heart chakra, nature, health and wealth. Health is wealth, and health often begins with the heart, our cardiovascular system - the organs responsible for beating to the rhythm of life.

Our pulse and heartbeat are quite literally reminders and signals of our mortal life. And to continue on that point, while mortality is a physical reality, eternal life of the spirit is a metaphysical, spiritual and energetic reality. Our legacy continues to live far beyond our physical lives through the love we express in our lifetimes. 

When we live a life inspired by the harmony and cooperation of Mother Nature, there is no competition - only growth.  


Green "Alligator" Garnets

The green garnet is a calcium aluminum silicate, which belongs to the Grossularite family of garnets. Judy Hall’s The Crystal Bible, states that these are “useful stones[s] to have during challenges and lawsuits. It teaches relaxation and going with the flow, and inspires service and cooperation. This stone enhances fertility and aids assimilation of Vitamin A. It is excellent for arthritis and rheumatism and fortifies the kidneys. It is beneficial for the skin.”


Pearled Alligator Garnets Design

This design is sooo fine! The simplicity of the pattern, and rarity of the stone, is not something you see every day. Seriously... how often do you see green garnet jewelry? 

I came up with the term "Alligator Garnets" intuitively. As soon as these gorgeous faceted cube gemstones arrived at my home-studio and I began contemplating what to make with them and the term just appeared in my mind. I live near the Vieux Carré Spillway and I see alligators quite often. 

According to Native American spiritual teachings, alligators represent wisdom and are said to be protectors of knowledge. How fitting, as green garnets are associated with the heart chakra, the center of wisdom. 

May this design serve you by inspiring you to open your heart and allow your inner wisdom to guide you. Remember, alligators wait patiently for opportunities and take them when they can. You'll know when the time is right to make a move. All you have to do is stop overthinking, stop overanalyzing, and trust that your heart knows what is right. 



Chrysoprase is a form of silica, much like sand or quartz, but it is made distinctive by the deposits of nickel in the stone that give it a distinctive green colour. The Ancient Greeks said that chrysoprase was the sacred stone of Aphrodite, [the goddess of love] whose sacred colour was green.


Green Chalcedony, also known as “Chrysoprase” relates strongly to the Heart Chakra. The vibrant green colors can trigger the energy body to reconnect with our heart, reminding us that forgiveness and unconditional love is a daily practice. 

Green energy connects us with Mother Earth, and as we are reminded to reconnect with our hearts we are recall the Divine Truth that we are One. Despite our personal financial situations, green reminds us that we truly are abundant all the time, as abundance is a state of mind. 

Wear green gemstones to reconnect with your Heart Chakra and welcome more abundance and wealth into your life. 


Chalcedony of Wealth Design

When I use the term "wealth" I am referring to your state of health & vitality, not financial wealth. Finances are earthly, man-made constructs that have, unfortunately, created an illusion of lack and poverty for too many people, leading them to believe they do not have enough and therefore they must not be enough. 

The Divine Truth is, you ARE already abundant. Abundance and wealth are states of presence and perspective. The more you live your life through the lens that you are MORE than enough and you have all you need to be happy because you ARE Divine, the more great opportunities for growth and prosperity you will attract.

Like attracts like.

May this design inspire you to emit the most radiant energy you can channel as often as you can and you'll be amazed at how quickly your life will transform. 

The Water Meter Couture Compatible Charm shown on the Chalcedony of Wealth Necklace is sold separately. This charm demonstrates that all of our "Couture Compatible" charms will fit on this necklace because the bail is large enough for these green gemstones to slide through. 

Here are a few Couture Compatible charm suggestions for this design:

Fleur de Knot Couture Compatible Charm

Magnolia Couture Compatible Charm

Queen of Hearts Couture Compatible Charm

Length of necklace is fixed. However, if you would like to make it longer and adjustable by 2 inches, check out this chain extension. You'll love the versatility it adds to any lobster clasp necklace you own!


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