MAD COLORS COLLECTION: Embrace Your True Colors


This week we're celebrating the Mad Colors, a collection to inspire you to embrace your true colors. 

We all have a favorite color, or even sets of colors. Did you know that all colors have a vibrational frequency? Did you know that each chakra, or energy center, of our body has a corresponding color?

As the weather gets warmer and the season is changing, we are being called to welcome more color into our lives. The truth is, each of us carries within us a rainbow of energy frequencies, but when we get stuck in a rut we lack certain hues. 

This collection was designed to remind you of your Divine Powers and to fully embrace ALL your true colors. 


Spring Garden


Spring garden features soft pastel hues of blue and green Aquamarine, with pink Morganite specially cut into faceted cubes.


As the flowers in your garden begin to blossom and show off their natural beauty, we are reminded to follow their example. Pink Morganite relates to inward self-love, while green Aquamarine relates to outward expressions of love. Mix that with blue aquamarine and the intention becomes to love yourself & others unconditionally with courage.


When we love courageously, nothing can stop us from expressing the purest essence of Spirit that lives within each of us. The Greatest Garden in the Universe is Mother Earth, and it is Her Spirit that awakens the buds, just as it is Her Spirit that opens your heart to move love and abundance.


You Should Know...

Due to the unique nature of the gemstone shade and pattern, each design is different in it's own beautiful way! The length is fixed; nevertheless, if you'd like to make your design adjustable, check out my chain extension!



Jazzfestin’ is a fun, colorful and festive design full of intention as each gemstone has a metaphysical meaning & correlation to our energy bodies.:


Citrine is for joy, abundance, and the solar plexus.

Peridot for harmony, relationships and the heart chakra. 

Amethyst for protection, purification, and the crown charka.

Aquamarine for peace, courage and the throat chakra.


The combination of all these gemstones not only makes a festive and beautiful design, but like music, also celebrates a harmony of energy coming together to serve you. May these pieces inspire you to re-activate these different energy centers within your body and realign with your Inner Child, or Youthful Self, the version of you who saw the world full of color, love and light. 


You Should Know...

Due to the unique nature of the gemstone shade and pattern, each design is different in it's own beautiful way! The length is fixed; nevertheless, if you'd like to make your design adjustable, check out my chain extension!

Charms are not included but are intended to demonstrate that all of our "Couture Compatible" dangle charms will fit on this design because the bail is large enough for these gemstones to slide through. 

Here are a few Couture Compatible charm suggestions for this design:

Fleur de Knot Couture Compatible Charm

Magnolia Couture Compatible Charm

Queen of Hearts Couture Compatible Charm




Mystic VooDoo


Although Mystic VooDoo Topaz may not be completely natural, this gemstone is a perfect example of how we can act as magicians by transforming a plain gemstone into something magnificent. If we can do this with gemstones, we can do this with anything!


Like Eckhart Tolle says, “The moment you start watching your thoughts, a higher level of consciousness becomes activated.” If your mind is lacking colorful, positive thoughts, remember your divinity and power to change this at will.


In VooDoo spiritual practices, and in many other world religions, intention and ritual is highly valued. Mystic Topaz is created through intention and a manifestation process. When we make a conscious decision to watch our thoughts, we remember who’s really in charge. The mind is a tool, but the soul lives within the heart.


You Should Know...

The Mystic Topaz used on the bracelet is approximately 7mm thick, which is slightly larger than the 5.5mm size of the necklace. If you are destined to own one of these mystical pieces, especially the bracelet, please be very careful as the stones can break with enough force. Bracelets tend to ensure more "abuse" than necklaces. 


Rainbow Magic

Rainbow Magic Signature Stretchy Bracelets are made of rainbow fluorite. These are excellent gemstones to meditate with because they inspire productivity, innovation, an overall sense of peace and can even help you become more clear to make an important decision.


These bracelets are designed to remind you of the divine magic within you and the incredible power you hold over your happiness. Sometimes, all we see around us is chaos, hostility and division. But through the lens of purity, we can choose to see the magic of Mother Earth that surrounds us on a daily basis.




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