Friday the 13th: Keep Calm & Carry On

Are you afraid of dying? 

If you answered yes, my goal is to eliminate, or at the very least alleviate your fears of death by the time you finish reading this. I pray that my words bring you comfort and allow you to transform your nerves into a more curious and optimistic attitude. 

Regardless of how often you think of the idea of death, it should cross your mind often enough to move you into a place of appreciation for the present moment and gratitude for all that you are. 


How do you feel about death in general?

In fact, whenever you do think of death, you should feel calm, at peace and on some level, excited to be alive. This is actually why I personally like Friday the 13ths because, on a mass-consciousness level, most of us are more aware of the energetic significance of this day.  Superstition leads people to believe, there's something in the air, something unusual about this day, and your focus shifts into the negative. Precisely because of this shift in focus, we tend to see the worst. 

Allow me the opportunity to prepare you for this day, to plant new seeds of thought which will inspire a completely different way of viewing this day and how you live your life. 



How often does the 13th day of the month land on a Friday?

At least once, up to three times a year.

In 2020 and 2021 we will have just one. 


What is the metaphysical significance of this day? And why should I care?

Whether you like it or not, you are participating in a mass-contract event called life. Our lives are heavily influenced by symbols and laws constructed from the cosmos. 

Numbers and language are physical representations of ideas and thoughts. When we choose to look deeper into what these ideas could mean to us, we are actively altering our future. 

Yes, the act of looking actually changes the outcome of an event. 

There's a lot of metaphysical angles from which to analyze Friday the 13th, including numerology, astrology, and spirituality. These are all connected. I'm going to dive into each one of these vistas, then I'll wrap up with how I feel this day is impacting me personally for you to get a better understanding of how I interpret & apply these metaphysical principles in my own life. 


Thirteen Numerology: The Death Number

We need to reinterpret how we envision and feel about death. 

"Thirteen has always been feared as the death number, and indeed it does represent death, but not in the ordinary sense. Death is merely change. When we are born into this life, we die from another level of existence." 

- Faith Javane & Dusty Bunker, Numerology and the Divine Triangle

 Death is simply a transformation process. Let's talk about it - death is an Earthly matter, Earth being numerologically represented by the number 4 (1+3=4). When we leave our bodies, our spirit ascends to a higher dimension of life. Death is the metamorphosis in which our consciousness transcends Earth. What a beautiful thing! 

 That being said, death can affect things such as ideas, plans, ideologies, etc. Naturally, most of us are resistant or fearful of change. This resistance and fear actually create our own suffering. Our expectations or assumptions are not guaranteed and only allow the circumstances for disappointment to be put into place. Eventually, we are cornered by our very own self-inflicted pain to make decisions that formerly lied outside our belief system. Yet, this is a necessary process to deliver the greatness we deserve in our lives. 

Death/change/transformation hurts. But it doesn't have to. 

 If you are currently experiencing a lot of changes, especially drastic life changes, this is a great thing for you. The more you resist, the more you will suffer. Yet at some point, pain will bring you gratitude and appreciation. If you are unhappy with the changes you are being faced with, there is something really important you're being taught - it is up to you to figure out what that is.  

As a conscious observer, I have actually witnessed and heard of a lot of changes, including death itself, present in so many people's lives. Several of you are experiencing drastic changes in the work environment with employees leaving or changing jobs. Businesses closing and new businesses opening. Lots of travel and moving around to different cities or countries. I feel there is a theme of major transformation affecting billions of us all at once. While this may be scary on an individual level, we can find comfort in the fact that we are all in this together and even feel more connected during these trying times. All you have to do is be open - be open to receive love and give when needed. This reciprocation of energy, of love, is how we can best be of service to one another. 

When everything seems to be falling apart in our lives, a simple smile or gesture of consideration goes a long way. If something so subtle can make such a big difference, imagine what happens when we take the time to nurture and care for ourselves. We are refueling the body with the energy to go out into the world and give more of that love into everything we do - from the person answering your phone calls to make business transactions, to the individual preparing your lunch that afternoon. Imagine if we all did it with love because we took the time to nurture ourselves and each other.


Enhanced by a Full Moon

This particular Friday the 13th is actually really special because this day will be accompanied by a full moon. 

The moon's phases affect us on a subconscious level, especially our emotions. This is because the moon emits a frequency fueled by the reflection of the sun's light. The molecules in our bodies are directly affected by the moon's state, whether full, new, waxing or waning. You already know the oceans rise - think about this, the ocean is being enhanced.  Our bodies are over 70% water. Whatever your state of being is at the time of a full moon, you will only feel more of it.

Interestingly, the tarot's DEATH card, number 13 in the deck, is ruled by the element of water. If you look closely at the artwork in this card, you'll see a sailboat sailing along a river with another body of water physically elevated at a higher ground level. Since we're on the topic of the relevance of water, let's talk about water's transformative capabilities - liquid, vapor, and solid-state. Vapor rises through heating, a highly concentrative effort of power and energy. 


Mars rules the Death card, a planet known for ruling anger, action and war. This brings a whole new meaning to the saying, "Blowing off steam." It's very likely that if you are in a place of anger, frustration, discontentment, or grief, you will need to blow off steam during this time of transformation. Often, these processes require heat, and a lot of energy, which can present itself in your life in many different ways. 

 The expansion (3) of the original life force (1) ultimately produces form (4, earth). And here in the number 13, appropriately ruled by Scorpio, we find that Death must be understood, not feared. Of all the zodiacal signs, Scorpio (water) has the power to transform the things of earth, and bring about new life. Other people's refuse becomes Scorpio's fuel. 

Another important point that is strongly suggested here is that Death belongs only to earth. 13 has always been feared as the death number by the uninitiated, but 13 reduces to a 4, the number of the earth. The Bible tells us we are the salt of the earth. Salt crystallizes into cubes, and cube vibrates to 13. Our bodies are cubes that contain the immortal spirit, the everlasting life energy. The body dies; the essence goes on. 

Scorpio transforms the substance and gives it a new form and new life.

-  Faith Javane & Dusty Bunker, Numerology and the Divine Triangle

In numerology, each number represents a specific step in the process of manifestation. For the sake of saving time, I wrote a separate blog post titled Esoteric Numerology 101: The Basics to help you better understand these metaphysical principles behind numerology and what Javane and Bunker were referring to. It's actually a great way to get started in understanding the fundamentals behind numbers which will help you see the world totally differently; hopefully, more beautifully. 


Shaman's Death: Letting Go of How Others Heal

Perhaps you know an addict or have one in your family. Or, maybe you have a friend that you've seen make some painful decisions. If you have witnessed someone you love go through a difficult time breaking unhealthy or self-inflicting habits, not only can it be hard to watch, but depending on your empathetic sensitivities, you can hurt, too. 

You want to help. Maybe you've tried. You've said something and they took it the wrong way. Or, maybe you didn't say anything and they feel abandoned because you chose to give them the space they need to heal. Not to mention, you needed to distance yourself because you're feeling their pain. 

All decisions about how to respond are individual, but in all cases we are asked to hold no judgments, praying for this person's highest good, turning the situation over to the Great Mystery. Letting go of how others should heal is a third-path life lesson.

In the tradition of the Southern Seers, this transformational process of healing our internally held imbalances is called the Shaman's Death and Rebirth. The death of false ideas, the end of destructive illusions, and the termination of relationships with people who support inappropriate or unhealthy behaviors will all appear in this cycle of initiation. 

- Jamie Sams, Dancing the Dream

Whatever someone is going through, does not even have to be their fault. They could be greiving the loss of a loved one and here you are, feeling helpless because you want to do so much more. It is not our job to dissolve nor burden ourselves with the problems of others. Nevertheless, it is our job to serve in our own special way. We accomplish this by being supportive, encouraging and loving. Let that person know you stand by and why. For most people, just this is more than enough. Knowing they have people that love and support them is incredibly powerful and creates an invisible energetic force that uplifts their state of being, one which they can feel - not with their hands and feet, but with their hearts. 

When we are able to respect the healing process of others, we understand how to better heal ourselves. We learn that we each have our own way of learning the lessons life presents to us. Sometimes it requires self-intervention. Other times, it may require a loved one to express their own pain & suffering to get our attention. And just because we conquer one life lesson does not mean the hard work is over. We will continue to experience negative patterns in our lives until we choose to do something differently


My Personal Friday the 13th Message

As most of you who follow me know, I am currently in the process of opening my first storefront in New Orleans. A few days ago I received the keys to the retail space, located in the world-famous Magazine Street, but I have not been able to do much work because the previous tenant is still moving some large pieces of furniture out. They informed me that this Friday, the 13th of September, they will conclude the move out process.

To me, this is pretty significant.

As I said before, the metaphysical symbolism behind the number 13 indicates death and rebirth - the end of one era and the beginning of another. When I put this together in my mind, I truly felt a sense of comfort and happiness warmed my being because I saw this as a nod from the Universe that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be right now. 

This is why I felt talking about this was important because the perspective we choose will color our view of our world and influence our mood, character and attitude. 

I'm not going to lie, a few weeks ago, I was having trouble sleeping and experiencing minor anxiety attacks. My nervous mind kept imagining the worse - everything going wrong and feelings of inadequacy started creeping in. The good news is that I already know this is how I am - I know myself extremely well. Self-doubt has always been one of my greatest vulnerabilities. Notwithstanding, there's a system I have put in place in my life to help uplift me during these trying times because I learned to recognize my patterns, which allowed me to do something about it.

One of the reasons I decided to open a storefront is because I kept feeling unfulfilled and that I was not maximizing my potential to give my current customers the best shopping experience I could provide; plus I did not have the physical environment I wanted to build upon my mission of empowerment. The point is, I made a decision to do something I once feared. Now, my life is about to change drastically due to the fact that I looked at my fears head on and decided I wouldn't be afraid anymore. 

Your power ends where your fear begins. 

Being aware and recognizing subtle hints from the Universe, such as the one I just described, brought peace, joy and more love into my life. I am self-efficient and self-fueled with cosmic energy because I feel connected in my own special way. We each have a way, it's just up to you to find it, believe in yourself and harness that connection. You are important. You have a mission. You have a purpose. And only you have the power to fulfill the destiny you create for yourself. The question is, are you brave enough to face your fears straight in the eyes? Or are you more afraid of growing pains than the greatness that awaits you?


I want to hear from you!

 If you enjoyed this blog post or if I have helped you in any way, I would really love to know. I pour my heart into my writings because this is my way of serving and inspiring you to live your best life. Please scroll down and leave a comment below - I read each one! If there's a metaphysical topic you'd like me to write about, feel free to make suggestions. Thank you so much for your valuable time. Wishing you peace, love, and happiness! 


Cristy Cali

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Born in Guatemala and raised in New Orleans, Cristy grew up traveling back and forth during her early years. She's traveled the world, thanks to her family's multiple exporting businesses, from jewelry to handcrafted goods and decor.

At the time when Katrina hit, Cristy was a sophomore at Ursuline Academy High School. The devastation nearly cost her family's enterprise. As an only child, Cristy felt a call of duty to become more involved in her family's French Quarter jewelry business and became hooked. She learned how to design and produce jewelry over the years through internships and apprenticeships in different countries, such as Thailand and Mexico. By the age of 21, Cristy had developed her own jewelry line.

After 7 years of working for her family's business, Cristy decided to venture out on her own and launched Cristy's Collection in 2012, only 5 months after graduating from Loyola University of New Orleans where she majored in international business. Cristy works with talented artisans from all over the globe including, but not limited to, India, Mexico, Thailand, France, Italy, and Hong Kong to bring you Cristy's Collection - an international business founded and operated in New Orleans. She continued her professional jewelry design education by becoming a certified CAD/CAM tech from the Gemological Institute of America in California. 

Her journey and growth as a designer has led her to evolve the inspiration behind her jewelry to be more spiritually conscious. In 2016, Cristy decided to pursue a doctorate in Metaphysical Humanistic Science and a certification in Holistic Life Coaching to help empower her customers and audience through her brand message. Now, in addition to being a CEO & jewelry designer, she serves humanity as a business and life coach working one-on-one to motivate and guide others to live a more meaningful and rewarding life.