#CaliFoundMe Project

I thought of this idea a few months ago... around the Spring time earlier this year. I've had the jewelry ready since August, but it was a combination of being nervous 😬  and putting off all the finishing details that led to the current timing of this release. 

Before I explain the project, I think it is appropriate to first mention a little background. Last Christmas 🎄, I decided I wanted to further my education with a doctorate in Metaphysics ✨and a certification to coach people out of depression or difficult situations and become a Holistic Life Coach, also referred to as Spiritual Counseling. In order to help others, I first had to admit to myself what I had gone through, but more importantly overcome. When you're depressed, first of all, you may not even know it, and if you do know it, you definitely don't want anyone else knowing. You want people to reach out, but on their own terms, not because you told them so. No one wants to admit they're depressed 😞 😖. There's a stigma around it and things suddenly become extreme quickly as soon as labels start becoming used. 

My intention is not to discuss the politics of mental health - in fact I dislike political discussion because I'm a very neutral person and I see both sides of the argument so easily on so many issues. Point being, when people start talking about "how" it should be handled - who's responsible, what laws there should be, etc. - people forget about the individual's current state and it becomes a who's right or wrong conversation. The conversation needs to be about ⚖  balance, acceptance, and support 👍🏽. The faster we are to label others as "mentally ill" the less likely they are to seek help due to irreversible implications of one's image. 

Being someone that has overcome depression, I speak matter-of-factly about the subject now because I recognize it for what it was and I got myself out of it. It was my journey, it was experiencing getting through those excruciatingly painful days I felt my world was coming to an end that makes me want to tell the world "Hey guys, I went through it, and just when I thought I only had one option left, something stopped me, and I actually made it. Life on the other side of depression is the most rewarding feeling I've had. If I have the strength, so do you." 

Knowing the smiles alone this project will generate warms my heart 💓 greatly, but if I could save someone's life, now that's purpose... and I feel we all share in that purpose, in each our own special way. Don't we want to be souls other souls look forward to crossing paths with.

Just think, in the afterlife we'll all be chit chatting over cappuccinos ☕  talking about all the great souls that existed during our lifetime and how grateful we were to meet them. 

My personal life goal is to leave behind a legacy that inspires people to always strive to be the best version of themselves, to inspire others, to let love radiate 💗 from our hearts and allow the domino effect to make up for the lack of love others experienced. I believe this will heal our planet. 

 The #CaliFoundMe project is currently just one design - a Smiley Face charm that flips to show a Sad Face. It has to face one way or another - it's a choice. It's a reminder that our perception is what determines how we then choose label a situation as good or bad. If we learn to be more accepting, push forward, and do our best to not allow things to pull our triggers, we will make wiser decisions. In the future, I may decide to add more designs to this project. 

The only way someone can come to acquire one of these is if I personally gave it to someone, or if it was passed on from them. Either way, it came from me 💜. I put them into circulation by recognizing individuals I felt needed it at a particular moment. A card with the URL to this page and "#CaliFoundMe" will be included with each charm so we can all connect, if one chooses to participate. 

The whole purpose of this project is to send a message to every single soul who's life path is touched by this jewelry, and that message is, "Know I am thinking of you, right at this very moment.

I've been thinking about you since I thought of this idea.

This is for you.

I see you.

I recognize you.

There is no shame in experiencing the negative polarities of life. In fact, how would we know how great our good days are if we have nothing to compare it to. Allow the events and circumstances you see as obstacles ⛔become challenges ✅. See them as an opportunity to pass a test. And lastly, do not compare yourself to others - what makes their life more valuable than yours? Nothing. If you're being the best person you can be, and you consciously come from a place of love ❤ all the time because that is energy you emit, there's nothing more for you to do except allow people to be wrong. Responding with kindness will not only neutralize the negative, but also eventually you'll kill it with kindness." 

The card hand-outs are scheduled to arrive on December 22nd. On December 23rd & Christmas Eve I plan on going into the city with the intention to hand a few out... and I will keep them in my backpack and in my vehicle from here on out. If you receive one - this was predestined 😉

Can't wait to hear the stories and the potential friendships to come about from this. 

✌🏽 &💜,

Cristy Cali