You found me!

Well, technically I found you, then we found each other 😊

Do you realize what the chances are for you to have received this piece of jewelry? (Which is not for sale, by the way). 

One in millions 😳

But the fact that you're here is all that matters now. 

I invite you to read this very personal blog post I wrote to explain why I started this project. The basic idea is, the only way you can receive this item is if I give it to you personally or if someone else passes it on to you... either way, it came from me 😘 

We all have our bad days, and sometimes those days can be so difficult, they may even lead us to questioning why we exist in the first place. I want you to know, that I see you. It matters not who you are because, I know for a fact your life has a purpose. You've been gifted with a talent, a passion, or ability and we're all on a mission to share this with the world 🌎

I'll never know who you are, where you're from, where you've traveled with my design, or what your story is unless you share it with me here. If you'd like to share a photo on social media, please use hashtag #CaliFoundMe, where it shall appear in the live feed below.

I also welcome to share your story with me, even anonymously if you'd like - anything at all you'd wish to share. Maybe something's been bothering you and you need to get something off your chest? Maybe you're at a point in your life where you feel a little lost and confused. Or maybe life is great and you'd like to share how things became to be so great in your life. I just want to know about you. These submissions are for my eyes only and I promise not to share them with anyone else. In my spare time, I read every single submission and if you share your email address, I'll reach back out to you with the best words of encouragement I intuitively feel is best for you. 

Hopefully, now that you've gotten to know a little about me and the fact that you now own a tangible piece from my imagination, you can feel a connection with me. I put all my heart and soul into what I do, and I do it to ensure you can feel my spirit in the jewelry. 




Hello You!

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