Precious Sugar Skull Cali Couture Bangle Bracelet - CHRISTMAS 2018 PREORDER




Skulls ends measure 12mm wide x 12mm tall.

Designed with genuine I-Clean rated diamonds, amethyst and black spinel stones.

One skull-end is removable. Simply push in and turn clock-wise 90 degrees. 

In the unfortunate event that you lose the removable skull-component, we do offer the replacement, just click here


How To Measure Your Wrist Size:

For more precise accuracy, we measure the diameter of the bracelet in millimeters. Measure the width of your wrist with a ruler. Whatever your wrist size measures, select the bracelet that is the next size up to ensure you leave space for the charms for comfortability.

For example, if your wrist measures 5 cm then we would recommend the next size up, which is 55 mm.  


Cristy's Comments:

This design has brought me so much happiness & gratitude. Skulls are a constant reminder of life and death, which in turn brings forth consciousness & awareness to daily life.

Each stone option has it's own unique Skull design, so collect all three for the best variety! 

The Skull component is secure and easy to remove so you can add your charms. The bracelet part is a hollow tube made of solid sterling silver for maximum strength and flexibility. 

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