Music To My Soul - Medium – Cristy Cali

Music To My Soul - Medium


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  • 25 x 30Ā mm
  • Solid 925 Sterling Silver
  • Consciously handcrafted in Thailand
  • Designed with love in New Orleans, USA

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Music To My Soul

If you love New Orleans you must also have a passion for music. We basically eat, breathe, live, sh*t and sleep music. Pardon my French, but it's true. From the lonely sax player on the corner to the music clubs on Frenchmen Street and any excuse for a festival - this city is all about culture and we have no culture without music. New Orleans has bred some legendary icons. I mean, our airport is named after Louis Armstrong for goodness sake! New Orleans is a place which welcomes all as they are and allows everyone to be true to themselves. No matter what your taste in music is, I guarantee this city offers a gumbo of flavors in music you'll come to love and appreciate.Ā 

Essentially, we are energy and our spine is like an antenna emitting your own frequency. Your thoughts, your state of mind, your overall being affects what you project and visa versa. The music we listen to, overcomes our entire bodies, affecting all of those things. When you listen to music you love, it speaks to your soul... it's music to your soul.Ā 

Peace, love and rock on.Ā 


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