Love Script Ring
Love Script Ring
Love Script Ring

Love Script Ring

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  • 7mm tall at tallest point "L"

  • Other letters 5mm wide 

  • Solid 925 Sterling Silver

  • Designed with love in the USA

Cristy's Comments

Dr. Masaru Emoto's water consciousness experiment delved into the intriguing concept that human emotions and intentions can impact the molecular structure of water. Throughout his study, Dr. Emoto exposed water samples to various words, music, and emotions, subsequently freezing the water and closely examining the resulting ice crystals under a microscope.

Remarkably, his experiment revealed that positive words, emotions, and music yielded exquisite, symmetrical ice crystals, while negative words and emotions led to distorted and chaotic formations. Dr. Emoto's findings suggested that water could "remember" the energy it encountered.

This research fuels the belief that our thoughts and intentions exert a direct influence on the energy and structure of water, and thus, on our own well-being. By wearing a ring adorned with the word "love," one can potentially extend this positive energetic consequence to their own life, fostering an atmosphere of love, compassion, and balance around them. Although Dr. Emoto's work remains debated within the scientific community, it has ignited curiosity regarding the potential connection between human consciousness and the natural world.

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