Heart of Mayan Jade Pendant
Heart of Mayan Jade Pendant
Heart of Mayan Jade Pendant
Heart of Mayan Jade Pendant
Heart of Mayan Jade Pendant
Heart of Mayan Jade Pendant
Heart of Mayan Jade Pendant
Heart of Mayan Jade Pendant
Heart of Mayan Jade Pendant
Heart of Mayan Jade Pendant
Heart of Mayan Jade Pendant

Heart of Mayan Jade Pendant

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  • Jade heart measures approximately 18-20 x 18-20 mm

  • Bail measures approximately 7mm tall

  • Solid 925 sterling silver components

  • Designed and assembled with love in New Orleans

  • Consciously handcrafted in Guatemala

Natural Gemstone 

Due to the unique and natural irregularity of genuine gemstones, each creation is slightly different and may not look exactly like the product photos, nor be perfectly consistent in size. We feel this is what makes every piece unique and valuable.

Prices are subject to change without notice, as gemstones in the same, or greater consistency of cut and quality may not always be obtained at the same cost due to several uncontrollable environmental and political factors.

Cristy's Comments

Mayan (Guatemalan) Jade has a rich and valuable history rooted in the ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica, where it was esteemed for its striking green hues and ascribed with mystical properties. However, the full extent of Guatemalan Jade's significance remained hidden until the 1970s when archaeologists and explorers rediscovered the country's abundant jade deposits.

This reawakening shed light on its crucial role in Mayan culture, where it was symbolically linked to the cycles of life, death, and our eternal connection to the Universe. Beyond its historical and cultural importance, Guatemalan Jade stands out for its remarkable physical properties, stemming from its chemical composition primarily comprised of two minerals: jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite, rarer and more valuable, is distinguished by its intense green color and exceptional toughness, while nephrite, found in various shades, boasts a silky luster and notable durability.

Additionally, beyond its earthly attributes, Guatemalan Jade is also associated with metaphysical properties, believed to harmonize energies, offer balance, and attract prosperity to those who wear it, rendering it not just a cherished gemstone but also a conduit for spiritual connection and positive energy.

Each fragment of Mayan Jade was meticulously procured, expertly crafted, and transformed in Guatemala, my homeland with profound familial connections. Personally engaging with the proprietors and laborers of these workshops, I took measures to ensure not only favorable working environments but also competitive compensation for their skills. I am happy to share that each precious stone was infused with a profound sense of dedication and commitment to the smallest details.

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