Golden Suns Amethyst Signature Stretch Bracelet – Cristy Cali

Golden Suns Amethyst Signature Stretch Bracelet


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  • 6mm Faceted Amethyst 
  • Gold Hematite 
  • Available in 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, and 9 inches
  • Stretch Design, easy to wear
  • Cristy Cali Signature Gold Tag
  • Crafted with love and intention in the USA


Golden Suns Amethyst Signature Stretch Bracelet

Are you an LSU fan? If you are from Louisiana, you know just how seriously we take our football! This design was created with love and intention to help you show your support for your team with a little extra pizazz! Wear it solo or stack it with some other designs to add a little creativity to your game day look!



Gemstones come in many different cuts and degrees of hardness. Some gemstones can break if dropped or hit against something solid. Never expose your jewelry to chemicals, including alcohol found in many perfumes. Ultrasonic cleaners use modern technology to safely clean jewelry with gemstones. If you do not own an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, click here to read The Best Way to Clean Your Jewelry Without Harmful Chemicals.

To caution on the safe side, treat your Signature Beaded Gemstone jewelry with the upmost love and respect as if your jewelry had it's own consciousness because that's what I believe. Everything is alive, even rocks, and they vibrate at a frequency which allows us to feel their metaphysical & healing properties.


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