Hispanic Women In Business

Cristy Cali makes no secret of her New Orleans influence when designing her jewelry. Fleur de lis, pelicans, voo doo dolls, and magnolias - they are all tastefully cast sparkling sterling and infused with a certain class and spirit distinct to Cali's style. Sine she started her business in 2012, Cali has grown a worldwide customer base, which notably includes Senator Mary Landrieu and members of Aerosmith. Today, her line can be found in dozens of stores across Louisiana and beyond - including one of New Orleans' most iconic jewelry institutions, Adler's

Cali has the entrepreneurial spirit running through her veins.

As a young child, she watched her parents achieved success after immigrating from Guatemala to New Orleans in the 1980s. In only a few years, what started as a collection of jewelry and handcrafted Guatemalan goods on a table in the French Market turned into to brick-and-mortar stores. 





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