Why Loving & Tranquil Dreams Await You

Loving & Tranquil Dreams Stretch Bracelet

Product Details

  • 8mm double-terminated aquamarine, amethyst & rose quartz
  • Available in 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8 and 9 inches
  • Stretch-style bracelet
  • Solid sterling silver components
  • Handcrafted with love in New Orleans


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Why Loving & Tranquil Dreams Await You

 Let us closely examine each of these dreamy pastel gemstones individually:



Aquamarine is primarily known to be the stone of courage. This gemstone's energy encourages the stillness of the mind, calming the nervous system, and allows for harmonization with the environment. In ancient times, sailors carried aquamarine incorporated into talismans for protection against drowning. 



Amethyst tranquilizes negative energy, protecting the wearer with very high vibrations. This gemstone has strong healing and cleansing powers, allowing the opportunity for a greater spiritual connection; thus supporting sobriety. It calms the mind and inspires a deeper understanding from meditative states. 


Rose Quartz

Known as the stone of self-love, this crystal inspires and reminds us to be kinder, forgive and have more compassion toward ourselves. This is considered to be one of the most important stones for the heart center, as it always encourages unconditional love.  


A Recipe For Love & Tranquil Dreams

The past few months have been rather difficult for me personally. In the last 6 months I have gone through a divorce and lost a precious fur-baby. With so much emotional unrest, my dreams have been less than peaceful and pleasant. 

During these times I've experienced many restless nights, crying, hurting, waking up distressed from nightmares, being chased, hunted, and agonizing feeling that sense of unfinished business. 

As I meditated on what I could create to help soothe my lack of peace, I felt drawn to these 3 particular gemstone combination. There was something rather whimsical, loving, tranquil and healing from them.

Upon further analysis, I saw and felt how beneficial these could be not only for myself, but for anyone else who may also be experiencing unpleasant dreams as a result of any discomfort going on in daily life.

I'm not one to advocate that gemstones will heal your pain; nevertheless, I do feel they are mother nature's gifts to us to value and use as tools for healing with intention and grace. 

May they repel unwanted energy and create the space for you to experience greater peace, both consciously and unconsciously. 




Inventory & Availability

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SKU Name DESCRIPTION Length Quantity Price 👑
BMAR-100-65 Loving & Tranquil Dreams DT Amethyst-Aquamarine-Rose Quartz 8mm 6.5 5 135.00 102.60
BMAR-100-07 Loving & Tranquil Dreams DT Amethyst-Aquamarine-Rose Quartz 8mm 7 8 135.00 102.60
BMAR-100-75 Loving & Tranquil Dreams DT Amethyst-Aquamarine-Rose Quartz 8mm 7.5 8 135.00 102.60
BMAR-100-08 Loving & Tranquil Dreams DT Amethyst-Aquamarine-Rose Quartz 8mm 8 16 135.00 102.60
BMAR-100-09 Loving & Tranquil Dreams DT Amethyst-Aquamarine-Rose Quartz 8mm 9 3 135.00 102.60