The Planets Have Aligned: Why 2020 Can Be Your Best Year Yet

Right at this very moment, as I write this for you, I am sitting in a hut with warm winds blowing through my hair, as I watch the waves crash along the hot black volcanic sand of Monterrico, Guatemala.

While I was packing for this trip, I almost did not bring my laptop because I told myself I was not going to do any work, so I could focus on resetting my mind, body and spirit - which I have to a great extent. Nevertheless, when my heart speaks to me, fills my mind with a deep sense of purpose and motivation, I cannot help but feel a sense of responsibility to share these Divinely inspired thoughts. What uplifts me could help uplift you. Morally, I cannot deny that desire of expression.​​​​​​​

In my life I have many teachers and mentors. One of the most beautiful aspects of social media is the ability to closely “follow” these people that inspire me. The value of mentorships has been reignited with the technology and tools we find ourselves with – mobile phones, camera, internet and social platforms. Of course, every positive has a negative polarity. How you choose to utilize these tools, for good or bad, is up to us. We never lose free will. I choose to feed my soul with nourishing words, wisdom and empowering energy from people who I can feel are making a powerful impact because this is what I desire to do for others.


The Importance of Mentors & Coaches

My Vedic astrology teacher is Joni Patry. My scientific and metaphysical teachers are individuals like Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton and Michio Kaku. My spiritual mentors are Dr. Erin Haskell, Lee Harris and Noell Eanes, just to name a few. What I input into my body through my physical senses is what will determine the output of my energy. So I am conscious of what I choose pay attention to because I am conscious of what I choose to put out into this world.

After years of studying Vedic Astrology and following the alignment of the planets for this coming year, complimented with other metaphysical studies, I have come to understand that 2020 is one of the most significant years of our lifetime. Some of you may not understand what I am ultimately attempting to help you understand, and that is okay. If you find yourself unsure of my message, then you have yet to understand your soul’s purpose and the purpose of our collective consciousness here on Earth. I’m talking about why are we here. My focus is on the cosmic plan. If this is too much for you, if these thoughts instill some level of fear within you, then you have created boundaries within your mind that are keeping you isolated from exploring the Universal Truth, which kind of reminds me of a “The Giver” version of reality. Quite sad and disempowering to the Divine Spirit that You Are.


The Importance of Open-Mindedness

Those of you who are following along, your curiosity and desire for knowledge will lead you to a greater awareness. The expansion of your consciousness will allow you to create more room in your life for abundance and prosperity. As you create more space, you allow more opportunities to enter your life from your open-mindedness and you will see those opportunities manifest in a way you will easily recognize as synchronicities – not coincidences. There is no such thing. You attracted that person, event or thing through your thoughts.

Now, I could sit here and tell you how Jupiter and Ketu are coming together in Sagittarius to the 14th degree around January 8th. And how the Lunar Eclipse of January 10th is going to be in Gemini to the 25th degree. But without years of studying the underlying energetic connections, this will mean nothing to you, as it once did for me. So, I’m going to skip over the technical details and tell you what this means and how I’m going to apply this information in my life in a practical manner.

The Vedas say that astrology are the eyes of the body, which allow us to foresee energetic circumstances so that we may make conscious decisions on how to prepare ourselves. Astrology is not necessarily fortune telling, for the events of the future are not set in stone. Remember, we always have free will. But we can utilize astrology as a tool to help us be conscious of what and how the planetary energies will be like and harness that energy for our own self development.

For example, Solar Eclipses involve a new moon, in essense the birth or beginning of a phase. Whereas, Lunar Eclipses involve the full moon, which is the moon is reflecting the most amount of sunlight. This could be interpreted as the light is shining and focused on something. This is the peak of the phase, a time where there is something in our life or on the world stage that requires our attention. So around January 10th, schedule time to meditate and reflect as the moon is reflecting light. Ask yourself, what requires your attention at this time?


The Importance of Meditation

Dr. Joe Dispenza describes meditation is “a journey back to self.” If the essence of our spirit is influencing and operating our physical bodies, but our physical bodies are constantly reacting to all the information and energy life throws at us, we are living in a state of survival rather than a state of presence. Meditation is the practice of slowly turning down the physical senses of the body and taking the journey back to our essence, the true energy of our spirit. There is no right or wrong way, there is only the act and intention of doing so which is more powerful than not doing so. The more you practice the better you will get. If mind chatter is an issue, as is often the case with most of us, remember these wise words from Eckhart Tolle, “Watch the thinker.” You are not equal to your thoughts. No one says you have to respond to your thoughts by having a positive or negative emotion. Watch the thinker. Watch the thoughts pass by. Eventually, you will feel a sense of peace and stillness come over you.

Joni Patry says that 2020 will be a year of major collective awakenings and changes than we have ever seen in history. She also pointed out an obvious sign, which is when we physically have perfect sight eye doctors say we have 20/20 vision. This will be the year the truth will be seen by most and the illusion that the media and manipulators of history will crumble. The only way in which the new can come to fruition is for those ways that no longer serve us die. This will cause fear and great discomfort for many. But like ripping a band-aid, is quite necessary for the healing of the Earth and our collective consciousness. This is why healing, community and mentorships are so important right now. We need to help carry and uplift one another. This is one of the many reasons why we are here.


Closing Thoughts

The last thing I will leave you with is this: If you bring any negative energy into 2020 you are not only doing a disservice to the collective consciousness but more so, to yourself. In fact, I know 2019 was one hell of a year for endings. Numerologically, 2+0+1+9 = 12, the number of completions, endings or losses. If something happened to you in the past that made you feel like a victim – the death of a loved one, an illness or disease, the loss of a job, an error that cost you something, etc – more than ever before, please do your best not to bring any of that energy into this new year. If you do, you are bound to create more of those circumstances for yourself and the cycle will keep repeating, especially this year. The illusion of time is getting faster in this dimension of reality.

Energy is manifesting at the greatest speed ever. You can either use this energy to create more abundance faster than ever before, or you could create more destruction than ever before. I’m not exaggerating when I say, the planets are aligned in such a way this year that the old is breaking down and those who resist will suffer the most. Why? Because there is no room in this new age for the old mindset to thrive. Those that are losing grip or power are freaking out, crying the loudest, will make the most noise and instill fear in others. If you see someone or something attempting to create fear, that energy is destructive and you have a responsibility to ask yourself if there is room in your life for that type of energy. Ask yourself, if this coming from love? Or something else? Is this creating unity or destruction? If you cannot easily recognize that something is coming from love, then more likely than not, the act or individual is not acting from the highest good.

This new year, numerologically, 2020 has a base number of 4, which is all about creating and establishing new foundations. This is the year we discover and decide which are the building blocks that will support our growth and future for the rest of our lives. What an incredible and beautiful opportunity this is! Make this the year you do not allow fear to prevent you from taking action.

I’m going to include the link to Joni Patry’s January 2020 predictions and Lee Harris’ January 2020 Energy update so you may decide for yourself how you wish to respond to this information.

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Wishing all of you a blessed holiday season and a fantastic New Year!!! Let's make 2020 our best year yet! 

Peace & love,

Dr. Cristy Cali