Spiritual Counseling For COVID-19

I wish I would have written this sooner, but I'm glad you're taking the time to investigate what I'm about to share because I feel this could really help a lot of people. The good news is, this whole situation is a huge and great opportunity for us to develop ourselves to be more conscious and discover a better way to live in peace & harmony.  

This pandemic has affected virtually everyone on the planet. In one sense, that is quite unifying. On another sense, the "social distancing" repercussions has created more separation between us. We must remember, energetically, we are still very connected, perhaps even more so now that the majority of people are on the same "wavelength" of information being circulated.

Energy is simply information being processed by our bodies, whether mental, spiritual, physical or emotional, directed by our focus and attention. 

As an astrologer, I knew something was coming months ago. Back in the Fall of 2019 I was following my teacher, Joni Patry's, monthly videos when she has predicted one of the worst "flu seasons" in history. I recall around August-October she was encouraging her viewers to strengthen their immune system because she felt something was going to hit us hard. Nevertheless, I can't say I wasn't surprised. 

Joni Patry is a respected world-renowned vedic astrologer, speaker and is the only astrologer (that I am aware of) who accurately predicted Donald Trump would become president and win the 2016 election months ahead. So, I trust her judgment. 

But today, I don't want to focus on the astrology, because I do not feel that is practical knowledge that can immediately help you at this time. 

Instead, there are incredibly bright souls, among the brightest light-workers on Planet Earth right now, that recently released videos in regards to this pandemic, which I will share below with you.

At the end of this article, as yourself, how did this information make me feel?

Checking in with ourselves about how we feel in regards to information we just processed is our responsibility in an effort to remain mindful and conscious so we do not believe everything we read, hear or are exposed to. 


First of all, we do not have to process everything

We have the power of choice whether or not we want to give something our attention. Remember this, attention = energy. Whatever has your attention is where your energy is being focused. 

Second of all, we often forget that once we do make the conscious (or not) decision to give something our attention, 

a. We do not (and should not) allow this to take away our inner peace

b. Be conscious as to what level that energy is - we do not have to match if the energy is beneath our current state. 

In other words, if someone captured your attention because they are bullying you, 1 - You are feeding the bully energy by giving him/her your full and undivided attention 

2 - Remember: They do not and should not disturb your inner peace

3 - You do not allow them to disturb your inner peace by either maintaining your higher energetic state or rising even higher. What does that look like? Walking away, ignoring, or responding with love - that will really confuse the heck out of them!



Lee Harris is an energy intuitive, author and international speaker. On March 16, 2020, he released this video in regards to the pandemic.



Here is my breakdown of his points including my two cents:



Presence is both a gift and a challenge right now for everyone. Difficult because behavioral patterns and habits are being disruptive and not everyone has the ability to adjust & adapt quickly. The gift of presence arises in the moments we find peace or joy as in the midst of the dominos falling. 

How do we shift our state of being into a more present one?

Personally, my one-way ticket to presence is gratitude. Everyone should learn to develop a highly personal method to consciously shift into presence. That's quite a handy technique to practice to perfect!

As soon as I begin to imagine in my mind what and whom I am grateful for, all of my external circumstances disappear into my abyss of joy, abundance and presence. Because being present means that nothing else matters right then and there. 



Major shock & disruptions like these events have a major awakening impact on human souls. We are "jolted" from our daily routines, which provide us with a unique opportunity to discover areas of our lives where we have been "asleep" or "mindless" or processing "aimlessly." 

Reacting and responding can be two very different versions of the truth. Reacting is impulsive and instinctual, more "left"brain. Responding has a more conscious component to it and "right brain." 

Either way, initially, we are all going to feel strange, weird, unusual, indifferent, unsure, even "tired or wired" as Lee mentioned. This is because we are all energy. Individually, you are an energy being, like a ray of light whose's beams overlap with other human beams lighting up the sky. We are sharing information in this way, including emotionally. When I use the term collective consciousness, I am referring to the state of consciousness of the masses as a whole. 

If people are stressed, worried, concerned, anxious, and emotionally depleting their energy, that affects everyone, especially those individuals that are highly emotionally intuitive. 


It's Complicated

Almost word for word, Lee says, "Allow other people's reactions to this be personal & complicated. If you're annoyed at the way someone is handling what's going on in the world right now, that's okay. Notice that you're annoyed but do not blame them for it. Don't walk badly about them to to others. Catch the part of you that doesn't like the way they are reacting but also does not accept the way they are reacting. We react at the level of our consciousness, the level of our fear and the level of our love." 

I loved this. Reacting negatively is not going to make the situation any better. 

So you're standing at Costco watching someone frantically hog a bunch of toilet paper and other essentials. Or you see a large gathering after the mayor has issued a social distancing measure of 6 feet. 

My professor from my metaphysics institute ingrained into my training the principle of respect free will. This is the foundation of human rights and also the greatest foundation for the United States of America. 

When Lee referred to "the level of our love" he is asking us to reflect upon how much compassion or empathy we have for others, and if we are able to tap into these reserves in the most crucial moments. You could be the difference between separation or coming together. 


Survival & Fear Triggered

Our instinctual survival mode comes from the root chakra, the energy center that connects and grounds us to the Earth. This is where our sexual energy is housed, and therefore, the greatest amount of life-force energy arises from. If we can create new life with this energy, imagine how powerful this center can be when misused for destruction or separation. 

Lee encourages us to to be surprised by the way others are reacting. Go back to the consciousness factor and use that as an opportunity to self-analyze why you are so bothered. 


Be Mindful Not Mindless

When we are exposing ourselves to the media and news feed, being mindful is of the essence if you do not want to allow the exposure to have an adverse effect on your aura - your energy signature. 

Going through this very same pandemic today compared to one hundred years ago may seem worse now because of the strength & speediness of our inter-connectivity through the internet. 

The more connected we are, the more energy exchanged, the more we process. 

Simply put, the human body & mind is being subjected to more technology, more information and therefore more processing is required. This is a lot for humans! 

When I say "processing" I mean any possible way the body can interpret information, which would include any of your five senses, plus your intuitive abilities. 

This goes back to what I was saying near the beginning - being mindful simply means being conscious of the fact that you do not have to process everything you are exposed to. Secondly, do not (and should not) allow the information to disturb your inner peace. 


Physical Distancing

Labels can be important. If words are useful and supportive to the solution, then by all means, we should be utilizing proper terminology. However, if the label is not supportive to the solution, then they should either be disregarded or dismissed. 

The truth is words are very powerful. When we speak, in a sense, we are casting a spell into the Universe commanding what we say. 

If we hear words that do not resonate with us, we hold the power to disallow that energy to permeate our being. But if they are supportive, we can just as easily welcome that energy by processing and appreciating the resonance. 

In my personal opinion, there are two cases I have seen within the pandemic discussion that has triggered anxiety over the proper usage of words: 

1. "Social Distancing"

2. "Wuhan" or "China Virus"


Social Distancing

The term social distancing does seem to have the implication that we must distance ourselves in every social level. When in reality, we are being asked to physically distance ourselves. This point was brought up in Lee's video.

If authority and media would utilize the term physical distancing, rather than social distancing, psychologically, we would not feel so separated. 

But here's the key, no matter what terminology is used, remember that the reality is unchanged - we are living in an "ocean" of energy. Each one of us being droplets that create the ocean. Energetically, we are extremely connected and nothing can truly separate us. 


Wuhan or China Virus

 President Trump and other members of the government have been referring to this virus as the "Wuhan" or "China Virus" which has generated a lot of controversy and even anger among some. 

Being triggered by words, any words, is the equivalent of allowing something outside of you to disrupt your inner peace. More so than the disruption, the fact that one's attention is being diverted to the correctness of terminology takes away from the greater threat of the problem. 

In my personal opinion, I would prefer if the scientific term, COVID-19, was utilized only because I am considerate to the location of Wuhan and China. The negative energy of the pandemic does not have to taint the location where the virus originated. 

Additionally, I do not believe those utilizing those terms are racist or implying any sort of xenophobia, as if the case being presented by critics. I do not believe this because I do not think this way. If other people interpret this differently, that has nothing to do with me, nor do I choose to get "sucked into" believing it could imply anything differently. Never had it crossed my mind that individuals using those words wanted to bring harm to those living in China or those of Chinese-origin. On the contrary, those that think that is the case are the individuals actively thinking those thoughts and creating the distinction within their own minds, thus creating a fire. By allowing themselves to become angry as a result thereof, they are voluntarily (and perhaps unconsciously) adding fuel to their own fires. 

Conclusively, I do not allow my inner peace to be disturbed because I do not agree with the terminology. Rather, I would prefer to utilize my energy towards more constructive purposes, such as taking the time to consciously write a blog about the topic to help ease tensions.  


Gregg Braden

Gregg is a scientist who holds a degree in geology and has a strong background in life science for over 30 years. He is a trailblazer when it comes to merging science, mind and spirit through his books, teachings, retreats and speaking to international audiences. You may know him from his work with the Heart Math Institute or his show Missing Links on Gaia. 



In his most recent video, Truth and Fiction Coronavirus, Gregg breaks down in easy to follow language what the Coronavirus is, how it attacks the body, what we can expect to see and ultimately what is the best way for us to respond - as a collective and as individuals. 

 The scientific dialogue is quite interesting, but for the purposes of this blog, I would like to comment on his feedback on the big question, which is then what? What is going to happen after the dust settles?

Gregg is confident we are going to live in a post-pandemic society where many changes that were implemented will remain, while others will disappear. There are three main areas we can experience these changes:

  • Shifts in Society
  • Shifts in Economics
  • Shifts in Lifestyle 

Ideally, these shifts can be very positive, such as a shift from depending on local food supplies rather than larger/farther sources which rely heavily on transportation. I'm speculating here, but a shift in the dependency on China for crucial pharmaceuticals to localized production sure does seem like a smart idea. Any changes that would be more sustainable, and less probable to disrupt from another crisis, would be a very positive effect on everyone. 

Lifestyle wise, this is a huge opportunity for people to reconsider how they are living their lives. Is there room for improvement? Are we investing our being into the line of work that best suits us? Are we living a life that is fulfilling and brings us happiness? Are we living out our greatest potential? 


Worrying Is [Completely] Useless

The act of worrying is allowing vital life force energy to be directed towards a phantom problem; thus, wasting valuable energy that could be utilized towards more constructive thoughts or actions. 

In the book, The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle beautifully explains what is happening internally when we worry.

Are you worried? Do you have many "what if" thoughts? You are identified with your mind, which is projecting itself into an imaginary future situation and creating fear. There is no way that you can cope with a situation, because it doesn't exist. It's a mental phantom. You can stop this health and life-corroding insanity simply by acknowledging the present moment. 

Additionally, I feel this would be a great time to include some Native American wisdom from Jamie Sam's book, Dancing The Dream:

Every Dark Night brings a multitude of wake-up calls, so our Dark Nights of the Soul may trigger a need to radically shift how we live. The challenging lessons of life never stop coming, but the manner in which we respond to those lessons will expand and change. Once we choose to look and to authentically see the truth of life's challenges, we feed ourselves that light by altering the idea that it comes only from outside us. When we decide to see our passage through the tunnel of chaos and despair as an opportunity, we effectively invite our personal Spiritual Essence to light the way through the passage into and out of the darkness. We are given miraculous moments of illumination, finding that the clarity we have received can change our perceptions and our lives forever. 

First we must believe that we are indeed beautiful parts of the Great Mystery's universe. When we see ourselves instead as being at the mercy of life's mysteries, we forget spiritual connections. In all Native American traditions we honor the Spiritual Essence in all living things. We can see the Eternal Flame of Love that the Creator placed inside of every part of Creation: rocks, plants, animals, and humans. We all carry that flame of light. When we deny our Spiritual Essences, we can become lost in Dark Nights of the Soul. Going through a Dark Night of the Soul, we can rediscover the inner light that was bestowed upon us, showing us how to find our way through any darkness on life's path. 


Closing Statement

This has been one of the most difficult blogs I've ever written to publish...

Right now, as I write this, I have absolutely no idea if or how my business is going to survive through this situation. So many factors are beyond my own control. There is a very real probability that I could lose everything. 

That does not scare me.

In fact, I have no fear or anxiety at all of the future. I do, however, as a business owner feel helpless for my employees that are dependent on me. If my business cannot sustain itself, then surely it will not be able to sustain them either. 

I am hopeful that through my honesty and vulnerability you will have a sense of the position I am in and take away something positive from my outlook and apply this for yourself. 

If I did have to go out of business as a result of this, I will not be ashamed. I will not be crushed. I will not be destroyed. I will not be angry at the world and believe I fell as a victim of my circumstances. 

I will go on. I will continue to create. I will not only survive, but I will thrive from the collective experience I have from the choices I have made.

Each one of us can receive the blessing of gratitude and appreciation for what we have accomplished, what we have learned, and the meaningful connections we have created. Nothing can take that away from us. 

This crisis could take away material possessions, but that does not take away from what I created, what I learned along the way, and all of the amazing customers & clients I have connected with since I started on this journey. 

My "net worth" is not equivalent to my self-value. 

Being strong spiritually does not mean you are not going to have difficult moments or experience a break down from an overwhelm of emotions. Being strong spiritually means you are confident that no matter what happens, nothing can destroy you, not even death. 

Spiritual strength is having the courage to allow your inner light to shine as brightly as possible no matter how scary the situations before us seem. 

So whatever unfolds in the future, find the strength within your being to hold your inner peace. Know you are not alone. No matter how "isolated" you are, learn to feel the difference between isolation & solitude. You are a Divine being, connected to every living thing in the Universe. Energetically speaking, you are never alone. 

In peace, love and light, 


Dr. Cristy Cali


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