Prosperity In Growth

Has something happened in your life that was so emotionally painful, it changed you? Maybe it was one major event or or a series of challenging events throughout your life. Perhaps it was very personal to you, someone you love, or you were a hopeless witness to a tragic event. Either way, you were changed. 

This is called growth, transformation or maturity. In life, we will all go through a number of experiences which shape our character - in some cases we will grow in strength, in other cases, these events will test our strength to our core.

Ultimately, it is how you respond to these challenges throughout your life that determine who you are in this world.

According to prosperity is defined as a noun, a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune.

The challenge we face in our human dualistic nature is to retain an attitude of gratitude, appreciation and positivity, even for the most unfortunate events, because when we do so, our perspective changes and we begin to see the blessings in our lives above the rest. This is not to say we should not acknowledge what we feel is not going "right" in our lives and strive to improve them; rather, understand it is our perception and focus of the present moment which will determine our actions and ultimately, our future. This is one of the basic principles of the Law of Attraction. 

Personally, in my life, due to the nature of my business, my creativity is most affected by my personal trials, tribulations and challenges overcome. When something significant happens to me, not only are my designs affected, but so are decisions related to my business. 

The question I ask myself every day is, what does my name represent? What do people think of when they see my name? I could have chosen a generic name for my business, but no... Why is it that I decided several years ago to have a self-titled business? Sometimes I wonder if I made a mistake and should have thought of a clever name, instead. Then I am reminded that having a self-titled company holds me to a greater standard and sense of responsibility to not only professionally retain a solid reputation, but also in a personal respect. I'd rather choose to be held to a higher standard and always strive to be better in every way than hide behind the comfort another name. 

That being said, if you follow my company closely, you may have noticed some major changes, and there are many, many more to come. Due to the fact that my name, my reputation, my personal and professional path are, at this point, almost inseparable, it's time to transform my brand so that it is in alignment with my personal growth and life mission, which is to teach how to radiate love have a positive attitude and be the light, even when faced with darkness.

The designs will be different. They won't be trendy. They will be authentic. They will be meaningful. They will teach. And they will empower you. (Plus I'm redesigning our packaging, too!)


Photo Copyright Andrew Zaeh

Last month, I saw Lindsey Stirling's performance at Champion's Square and she talked about her struggle with depression and a negative self-image, similarly to what I and millions of people around the world have experienced. She explained how, scientifically speaking, it is impossible to remove darkness from a room. You cannot "remove" darkness from any place. Nonetheless, as soulful beings, we have the ability to radiate love and be the light. Yes, of course it's hard. Yes, of course it's challenging to be optimistic and retain a positive attitude. But look at the world right now... Look at the events occurring on the world-stage unfolding on a daily basis. 

Lindsey has the ability to talk to her audience directly from a stage to communicate her experiences and inspire people to be happy through her personal story. In my case, my designs serve as the stage and outlet to tell a story, as well as the overall mission of my company.

When people remember my name, I want them to remember to be strong, to believe in themselves, to be kind to others, to strive towards forgiveness of others, to be positive, to be loving, and to live a conscious life. 

As Lee Harris has stated many times in the recent year, "Now is your time and you are needed." This message is for anyone and everyone who feels a calling to do more good in their life for others, to lead a more fulfilling life for oneself. 

There is a wave of new age, mystic and spiritual free-thinkers arising that also believe that if we choose NOT to participate in the anger and division, but rather choose to retain a loving attitude towards one another, regardless of political party, country, ethnicity, or past, we can welcome a new age and transformation of humanity. We have the ability, and it is possible, for us to retain our individuality, our opinions, and still respect one another. But the moment we feel hatred, disdain and wish harm on others for a difference in opinion, or a way of life, is the moment we disregard their rights as a human being for their choice and freedom of will. To walk this path is more difficult, but the rewards as a society to feel more love for one another is tremendous. Ultimately, it's about the vibration we attribute to the world. 


Closing Thoughts 

For those of you that have been customers of mine for several years, some I know are going on 12 years, you will witness the greatest changes to come. Some of you may or may not resonate with my new vision and feel more comfortable with the older "Cristy Cali" jewelry - more Southern, cutesy, traditional New Orleans designs. I am well aware of this and I thank you for all your business and support over the years.

While I will always portray my New Orleans roots in my collection, it is time to reflect my growth as a person and designer and introduce new designs that are in alignment with my new vision. Some collections will stay, others will go. Limiting my name to designs only of a certain genre is like putting me in a box, and I'm an air sign, so that's literally impossible ; )  I am most unhappy when I feel limited and constrained, especially my creativity. So I'm breaking out of my shell and shooting for the stars. LITERALLY! More astrological designs to come ✨

I have to let go of the past to move on with the new and this is precisely why throughout the next 3 months, I will be heavily discounting the pieces I chose to retire. These designs will always contain my spirit and energy, and I hope you treasure them as much as you would any "new" design. 

The truth is, I see my brand constantly changing and evolving to express my innermost authentic feelings and growth of that time. I am human. I have a spirit, and it is inevitable that I will grow. There will be many more chapters to come, just as each one of you will grow and prosper from the good fortune of your own trials, tribulations and challenges overcome.


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