Personal Post: A Divine Consult

I meant to post this yesterday, so this actually happened on Monday, March 30th.


Last night I had a nightmare that caused me to move slowly this morning. The dream had left me feeling helpless after being chased up a hill, only to be captured in front of Jack. His last words being, "I'll come back for you." It felt so real. In those final moments I had to say goodbye, potentially forever, to the love of my life without any notice.

My kidnapper was a woman that looked human, but I could sense there was something evil & manipulative about her. There were others, that looked like both men and women, who were kidnapping people, doing something to them that made them almost lifeless, and putting them back into society. These individuals were operating within a "zoned-out" state, almost like they had sucked the souls of of their bodies and were on the same low vibrational wavelength. 

Everyone was noticing something weird was happening, but no one took it seriously, because no one cared enough or was curious enough about the others to question what was going on. 

One-by-one the number of people who were "awake" started becoming the fewer ones. Before you knew it, people felt as if they were being chased after. They were living in paranoia & fear. Everyone seemed like threat.

I woke up so sad. My energy was so low, like drained. I kind of felt like crying, but didn't allow the emotion to continue because I didn't want the emotion to beat my inner peace. I acknowledged the feeling and started thinking about what I could do to feel happy fast.

So I continued working on the Cali Krewe website integration, creating the program and building those pages on the website. A few minutes in, a news notification on my phone came up with the headline "Louisiana Stay At Home mandate likely extended to end of April." That's when I started questioning myself. "Is there ANY chance the storefront will make out through this? I feel like the odds are against me. Am I really making the most effective use of my time? Should I even..."

I was going down the rabbit hole when I looked up and noticed my Chakra Cards. They've never let me down as a tool to help me mentally navigate through my doubts. They saved me from falling down that hole today.

These are the cards I drew...

Chakra Oracle Card Meanings



This is Sacral Chakra card that deals with service, self-worth, and passion. "Don't quit before the miracle," was the main theme of the card. When we do the work we were meant to do, we are literally BEING of service for the highest good; if we stop, we upset the universal balance. Manifestation WILL occur when you contribute the required work. You may not see it, but it lies ahead. Can you ignore the feelings that would sidetrack you? Will you let go of fear and persevere?


This is a Solar Plexus Chakra card that deals with miracles, enlightenment, joy, prayer, and abundance. “If I seek peace, I must embrace my fears,” was the main theme of this card. The parable that goes with the card speaks of a renowned spiritual teacher who is on a journey to seek counsel from someone he is inspired by. Along the way, a little boy stops him and asks, “If enlightenment is to be found in my own mind, how do I get there?” The spiritual teacher replied, “Through your fears.”  In all cases, the journey is more important than the destination. When you face your fears, you will grow stronger and relief awaits. Thoughts always drive choices. How can you use your thoughts to heal yourself? Trust yourself. Find joy in solitude. Make time to reflect.



This is a Throat Chakra card that deals with communication, creative focus, truth, and our ability to be heard & understood. “A window is opened as a door gently closes,” was the main theme of the card. Celebrations in the midst of grief. This card represents hidden blessings or celebrations tempered by sadness.



This is a Heart Chakra card that deals with all matters of the heart. If your heart is not “in it” we will always be blocked. "I never met a person I didn’t like,” was the main theme of the card. The story goes that there is a woman who is eccentric & kind. She is the topic of town gossip. After her death, the local people discover her incredibly detailed paintings of their town and realize she was an extraordinary artist, who painted their lives with love. They feel sadness for never having really known her. Her story suggests that appreciating differences is the key. This card is actually a warning that you could lose a valued relationship if you do not appreciate what you have.


This reading was a wake up call.


How I Interpreted the Cards

Perseverance is telling me just that, to keep up the work. Keep going. Just focus on the work and do not give up. Enlightenment is telling me to face and push through my fears of potentially having to close the shop. Confront them and be conscious of my way of thinking. Stay positive. Think creatively. Stay inspired. Could the Cali Krewe membership idea be what saves the store?

Bittersweet was a clear indication that yes, I could find joy and a reason to celebrate in the midst of this pandemic. Yes, I can find success when everything seems to be falling apart. Sadness can be honored while also experiencing the gift of happiness.

And lastly, Gossip told me that if my heart was not in it, if I did not persevere, if I did not face my fears, I will be blocked. Thus, potentially lose the valued relationship I have with everyone - my audience, customers, fans, friends and family.

The cards did not tell me anything I did not already know. But the fact that I chose them in that particular order in a moment of doubt said a whole lot more. I prayed to my Higher Authority. I asked Spirit, my angels & guides to speak to me through the cards to tell me something I needed to hear. I received my answer.

This was a very powerful, personal Divine moment for me. I share this story with you to inspire & encourage you to pause, reflect and take time to explore the depths of your consciousness with an open mind & heart. When we practice “going within” we retreat from the physical world and into the spiritual realm to seek counsel & clarity. In a sense, we’re going back home for a few moments to re-inspire the mission we’ve chosen to pursue on Planet Earth.

Needless to say, I am very excited, more than ever, about what’s to come, especially the Cali Krewe membership program because I’m pouring my heart into it. Members will not only enjoy discounts on jewelry, but also exclusive designs only they can purchase, PLUS an invitation to participate in a monthly Spiritual Coaching call with me to uplift & empower the human spirit.

Thank you, reader, for taking time out of your day to read my story. I hope you feel energized about what lies ahead, empowered to face your own fears, and discover a beautiful reason to celebrate life today.

In peace, love & light,

Cristy Cali