Obstacles or Divine Guidance?

How Investigating Our Metaphysical Roots Can Help Us In Our Daily Lives


Are we there yet? Can we finally address the science behind Astrology & Numerology in a practical manner? To many, it's mumbo-jumbo, while for another great majority it was one of several keys to their spiritual awakening. 


Astrology is referred to as the "eyes" of the Vedas, the ancient Indian texts that date back to 1,500-2,000 B.C.E. The understanding of this study was the ability to "foresee" future energetic circumstances, while also allowing us to see ourselves with more clarity based on the energetic circumstances of our birth into this world. 



When we take the time to investigate our birth chart and numerology numbers, for many there is a huge sense of relief while also balancing the question of how something could be so accurate. Energy doesn't lie nor does it judge if something is good or bad in your perspective - it simply is. 


How the planetary energies manifest in our lives is up to us - how we think, how we act, and what we believe - the question is, are we aware?


Nonetheless, there's something incredibly empowering about understanding our "metaphysical roots," that is, looking into where the stars and planets were at the time of our birth, the numerological significance behind the sum of our birthdate, how many vowels or consonants are present in our name, and so forth. These ancient sciences were practiced by Pythagoras, the father of mathematics, Galileo, the astronomer, and Plato, a student of Pythagoras. 


Famous mathematician Pythagoras. Photo from Wikimedia.


Since I started studying metaphysics in 2015, my entire world changed for the better. I finally figured out how I could be of service in this world, by combining my jewelry career and my passion for unveiling the layers behind consciousness. 


When I did the research to find out more about myself in these ways, a lot of my shame and guilt melted away.


Oh snap! My moon is in cancer? No wonder I'm am an emotional sensitive! Oh, the Sun is in my 9th House? That explains why I'm so passionate about spiritual growth, and traveling to learn about ancient spiritual practices. There's an incredible sense of validation regarding our core passions, interests, desires and life goals. 

On the other hand, I also discovered some not so compatible energetic relationships going on between planets in other houses, which indicates where problems could occur. Further into my research, I was ultimately not surprised when I thought back to the problematic patterns in my life and saw the correlation there. And then I realized, these are the particular issues I am here to learn, understand, and master to grow.

These areas of weakness, in my life, are meant to help me become a better and stronger person. It is up to me, and only me, to change the way I think and behave so that I can stop the patterns from occurring in the future. When I became more aware and I consciously began making changes, beautiful things started happening. Not just beautiful, but at times a little too coincidental to be just luck. They were miracles, even the "little" things. 


The beauty & magic of the world unfolded before me. 


Not even a month ago, I launched my Empowerment Bracelet Experience, which includes an introduction to your astrological birth chart and numerology numbers, along with a bracelet I design based on which gemstones I feel would enhance your energetic frequency. We all have an energy signature based on how we feel. Feeling a little "low"? Feeling unbalanced? Feeling confused? Feeling anxious? Those are all states of being that can be adjusted with conscious awareness and intention.

I must say, this product offering has been the most fun and enjoyable experience for me as a designer. I am totally loving these project orders! The feedback I've received has been incredibly positive and for the first time in a while I feel like I'm really helping others understand themselves in a way they always knew was there, but didn't know how to describe the connection. In a way, I feel like I'm assisting the ego reconnect with the inner spirit, the souls, the Higher Self. 

There's a whole lot of love and energy that has gone into making this Empowerment Bracelet Experience  available to you. Here's a brief explanation...


Dr. Cali's Empowerment Bracelet Experience Details

  1. Shortly after an order comes through, a confidential questionnaire is emailed to you
  2. Upon completing the questionnaire, we ask that you allow at least 10 business days for your bracelet to manifest
  3. I will conduct a Vedic Astrology Analysis on your birth chart and give you details as to which planets rule over certain houses, and what that means
  4. I will also conduct a Numerology report on your Divine Numbers
  5. I will include my own Words of Encouragement, plus
  6. Email you a 10-15 minute selfie recorded video message
  7. Based on your Metaphysical Report, I will meditate on which gemstones to prescribe you to counteract any potential unfriendly planetary energies to design and create your Empowerment Bracelet
  8. You will receive a healing crystal and
  9. A PURE™ Blend Essential Oil 


When we are in alignment with our goals, following our hearts & intuition, we really experience the beauty of life. I'll tell you something someone I look up to told me, and that is, "There's a problem when we don't see miracles happening." 

If you feel like you've been hitting some roadblocks lately, take a few minutes to consult with your Inner Self and ask, what is this showing me? When doors close, others open. Sometimes, we just need to reflect and question - question everything. 

Obstacles, or Divine Guidance? You decide. 


Final Thoughts 

I voluntarily closed a door in my life once, one that led down the path I thought I was meant to go on. After years of unhappiness, I walked away and slammed the door behind me. I thought I had made a huge mistake, but there was no going back. Not even weeks later, I started my jewelry company... Since then, I've never looked back.