My Christmas Gift To You 💝

As I reflect upon this year, I'm not going to lie... In fact, I'll be straight up brutally honest with you.

Not sure how many of you can relate, but his was one hell of a year. One of the toughest. Right up there with 2020. 

Some of you may have noticed I've been pretty quiet and minimalistic on social media over the last couple of months. That's because life got the best of me and I retreated inward.

As I strive to find inner peace and heal in solidarity, I am reminded of how important it is to let go of the fear in vulnerability, reach out and ask for support from the people you know love you unconditionally.

I have tried to heal alone, afraid of burdening my friends and family with the weight of my emotions. But that's when I realized I still have unresolved trauma around the subject of self-worth and self-love.

How can someone who knows deep within themselves that they are worthy of love be afraid to ask and receive love, if they, too, are willing to do the same for those they love?

When I closed my Magazine Street shop on February 14, I did so believing the best was yet to come. Then just as my team and I were getting into a consistent business groove, Hurricane Ida came along and I fell into a heavy spell of feeling hopeless - that I can never seem to catch a break, and that there will always "something" pulling the rug from beneath my feet. 

Well, at some point in the recent past I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself. I decided to stop letting life happen to me and start living my life again. Each day I wake up more intentional, more vibrant and more confident that my life is meaningful and worthy of love.

And that is why I'm writing this to you today.

I wanted to take some time to write to you from a place of vulnerability, a place deep inside my heart and let you know that I've been hurting. I felt I let myself down and thus potentially let down the people around me. Maybe even you? I know I haven't been my best self lately and I'm making a declaration to the Universe that I am worthy of more... And so are you!

I invite you to share in this journey with me. We don't have to go through this alone. Let us share in our fears and tears, and celebrate our triumphs - together

Moving forward, my team and I are concentrating our efforts on building a community of individuals via the Krewe Membership program who are seeking to empower & enrich their lives through meaningful connections, inspiring conversations and of course, jewelry!

Next year I have a lineup of inspiring spiritual and positive mindset coaches to be guest speakers in our Krewe Calls, which are by-invitation only ZOOM calls reserved exclusively for the Krewe. It's time to take the fear out of vulnerability for once and for all and let love in.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned is that despite being a spiritual coach myself is that if you do not consistently feed and nourish your mind and soul with meaningful connections and empowering conversations, your brain's neurons will fall out of the habit of being the best you can be. It's no different than working out. If you take a break from the gym for 4 months, you'll lose the progress you've made. You must continue to build upon the successes you've already worked so hard to achieve.

The Krewe isn't just about saving 24-50% off on my jewelry. I want that perk to be the tip of the iceberg for you because beneath that, there's so much more to enjoy and receive.

My goal is to make the Krewe Membership program the best that it can be because I want to create something that will truly elevate your life so much you'll notice the difference in your mind, spirit and body. Your life will be a reflection of the joy and love you receive and give on a daily basis from a community who genuinely loves you.

But we need you. Yes, you are needed. You have so much to offer and we all have much to give to serve one another. 

Right now, we have a little under 200 Krewe Members from all over the world. Are you ready to be a part of something greater than yourself? Are you ready to contribute the tough lessons you've had to learn through your hardships, become vulnerable and share them with us? Are you ready to open your heart and receive an outpouring of love from a complete stranger?

Through the power of connection, we can help heal each other through difficult situations. If you allow me the opportunity to be there for you, I can offer you support and guidance to navigate through life's daily challenges. The greatest gift in return for me is that you also give me purpose and remind me of why I love to do what I do. 

So I asked myself, what could I possibly offer of tremendous value to those who appreciate my work as a coach, love my jewelry and wish to enrich their lives with more meaningful connections?

Here's what I came up with! Hope you love it!

Love always,


P.S. Please text me directly if you have any questions at 504-499-1080.


My Gift To You 💝

*New Members Only*

If you join the Krewe with the quarterly or yearly subscription plan and place an order utilizing your 50% OFF* shopping pass by December 31, 2021, I'll send you a $25 (quarterly) or $50 (yearly) gift card to use towards your next purchase!

That's a portion of your membership paid for, plus your gift card will go a long way because you'll always save 24-50% off all your orders!

*Applicable towards everything except Signature Designs. Gift cards will be emailed on January 1, 2021. 



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Anything that isn't a Signature Design, including gemstones and gift items are eligible for unlimited 34% OFF savings! No caps and no minimums required!


Enjoy 50% off your entire order once between Jan 1- June 30 and again July 1 - December 31st as long as you remain an active member. 

*Only exception are Signature Designs. 

Member-Exclusive Designs

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Krewe Calls are very intimate coaching calls via ZOOM with Cristy and occasionally a guest speaker discussing metaphysical, spiritual and empowering topics to enrich your life with opportunities for Q&A's and audience involvement. These calls are recorded and available to view/listen later via the Krewe Blog. 

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