MAD KREWE COLLECTION: Reclaim Your Highest Potential


This week we’re celebrating the Mad Krewe Collection: Reclaim Your Highest Potential, reserved for Krewe Members only.


💜 Purple "Dragon Vein" Agate 🐉



Is it really the blood of dragons? No, but if you use your imagination, these purple “dragon vein” agate gemstones can inspire you to rediscover the magical intuitive powers you’ve been suppressing from lack of confidence, feeling stuck and any difficult life circumstances.


According to the Gemstonist, some indigenous cultures believed their physical properties are due to the fact that there are really pieces of souls of the gods that have been sent to earth to help us.* Which is not far-fetched if you believe everything in the Universe has consciousness, heart-beat or not. 


Dragon vein agate is comprised of microscopic quartz crystals that have been pressured to form volcanic rock and dyed purple to enhance their color. Crystals are known for their ability to store information, and all information is energy. 


Generally speaking, all purple gemstones emit a high frequency because the color violet vibrates at 670-750 tera Hertz, the highest along the electromagnetic wave spectrum.


Keeping this in mind, it’s not a coincidence that our crown chakra, the energy center which connects us to the Universe and our Highest Potential Self is located at the highest point of our bodies - right at the top of our heads.


May this collection serve as a reminder that you already hold the power within yourself to create the fantastical fairy tale life you’ve always wanted. Remember, forgive yourself & those that have wronged you; seek the light in everyone you meet; and above all love yourself and others unconditionally.


What's The Size Difference?


For this collection, I used 3 different mm size agate beads:

  • 4mm Small Stretchy Bracelet
  • 6mm Large Stretchy Bracelet
  • 6mm Toggle Necklace
  • 8mm Toggle Bracelet 


You Should Know...

As I've mentioned before in a few social media posts, I was unable to make as many units as I would have wanted because my gemstone supplier was unable to fulfill my restock order of these dragon-vein agates in time for my launch this Friday, March 26 due to that major storm in Texas a few weeks ago.  

That being said, VERY FEW PIECES will be available at first. When we sell out, please click the "Notify Me When Available" button on any product you wish to purchase. By doing so, you are helping me get a reliable count of how many more units I SHOULD make as soon as I'm able to in a few weeks. 

When I restock on the website, you will immediately receive an email letting you know it's available. Don't worry, I'll also give you a heads up a few days before I restock 😉

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This week's collection is reserved exclusively for Krewe Members


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Although this is a Krewe exclusive collection, we still need you to manually apply your unlimited 24% off discount

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