How Lunar Eclipses Affect Our Lives

Think you’re immune to the effects of the eclipse? 


Honestly, it depends on your birth chart. 

But, if you’ve been experiencing any of the following lately, you are feeling the effects of the lunar eclipse:

  • Emotionally upset
  • Triggered anger
  • A new ending/beginning
  • Surprising news or info
  • Someone who played a significant role in your life will be eliminated
    (not necessarily by death)
  • Someone’s true colors have been revealed
  • You feel time is getting faster
  • Feeling of "drowning" - physically or figuratively
    (drowning in debt, emotions, problems, etc)

Especially this one in particular because it will be the longest lunar eclipse ever recorded, lasting almost 4 hours.

I’m not an astrologer, but I hope to pursue the study in the near future.

Just last night, as I was driving, all of these intense thoughts came rushing into my head. The main focus were of some mistakes I had made and the people I had confided in that let me down. I was getting emotional out of the blue and feeling blame for being so naïve in certain situations.


But I knew better.

I repeated the words, “I forgive myself,” over and over again, took a some deep breaths, then imagined my 28 year old self hugging and comforting my younger selves for not knowing better.

Life is a process of learning. 

It's easy to become frustrated and upset with ourselves when we realize we have been fooled, deceived, or taken advantage of. Trust me when I tell you, now I know when I am being approached with less than positive intentions. 

Since I was aware of the coming of this lunar eclipse, I consulted the wise words of world renowned Vedic Astrologer, Joni Patry, based out of Dallas, Texas.

She has a very matter-of-fact approach, which I appreciate because she truly understands that any “negative” astrological calculations ultimately stimulate evolutionary soul growth for all human beings.

In her analysis she states, that today’s eclipse is with Mars, the trigger of disruption.

“Many more iconic celebrities will die from health matters and mental disorders. The news will be constant in reporting these deaths. Those who have planets in the area of Cancer and Capricorn will be deeply affected. Many more suicides will prevail.”Symbolically, Mars stands for males, anger, survival, desire, and active energy. It is a driving energetic force. This is why we may be feeling some buried anger or resentment more so now.

“Suicides are generally due to deep repressed anger that turns into depression and sadness. This sadness is so dark that it appears there is no way out. So at the core of depression is repressed anger. The emotional body is unbalanced due to many feelings that have been repressed. Because of deep feelings of loss, disgrace and humiliation, many revert to drugs to numb these feelings.”


In her monthly prediction videos, Joni not only successfully predicted the deaths of celebrity journalists and high profile individuals before Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, but specifically mentioned via suicide.

As it turns out, both Bourdain and Spade had planets in Cancer and Capricorn. Not to mention, Demi Lovato was just hospitalized for a heroin overdose.

What do we take away from being witnesses to these events? Have we still not learned that money does not buy happiness? Have we still not understood that the pursuit of happiness and the pursuit of financial success is not necessarily the same thing? Have we learned not to idolize celebrities, but rather simply appreciate their artistic contribution to the world? Fame does not increase the importance or significance of one’s life over another.

We are all human. We are all divine. We are all equal.


So, where does that leave us?

Well, astrology helps us to better understand why certain things occur, whether internal or external. In other words, when events out of our control affect our lives, astrology helps us understand where the initial energy derived from.

Everything we perceive as a “bad” event to occur in our lives will do one of two things:

1 – stimulate growth and strength


2 – leave you feeling victimized until you heal, forgive, grow and move on

The choice is ours.

However this lunar eclipse may be affecting your life, understand that any and all challenges brought before you are cosmic forces testing your strength, courage and love. 

When we remember that we are all connected and ultimately we all derive from the same Source energy, it becomes easier to forgive ourselves and others to heal emotional pain. Our suffering ends when we accept our faults and understand that others are prone to those exact same faults. 

Through self-acceptance we accept others fully, with all their imperfections included because we understand we are not either. Through this process, we learn unconditional love, even for our worst enemies. 

In  ✨light and 💜 love, I pray that you all find the strength and courage within you to overcome any difficult times and challenges you may be facing at this time. 

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