Do You Know Why You're Alive?

Each one of us experiences each day differently. 

Think about that for a moment... with over 7+ billion people in the world, every single person experiences this very moment in their own way. 

It's an interesting thought, but what's more important is how you feel right now

All we have is now. 

"We exist on two levels at the same time. As spirit, we are ONe. As individuated souls, we are individuals. As spirit, we are already whole and perfect. We only know love for everything, and non-love doesn't even exist. While this absolute existence is great, there is no way to know its greatness because there is no reference point. This is why we split and exist as individuals. Oneness is wonderful, and so is individuality. The two levels do not negate each other; each level supports the other.

Each individuated piece of the Source assumes its own unique perspective and accumulates its own experiences so that, put together, we'd know what it is to be whole and in harmony. So each soul has its own characteristics and keeps its own history through many lifetimes. This means that the Universe relies on you to be you. Without you being you, the Universe is not complete."

- Akemi G, Why We Are Born



I'm here to remind you of this undeniable fact. Tomorrow will never come, and yesterday will never exist again, except within your own imagination. 

If you're reading this, you have a soul, an eternal soul that never dies. You came to experience life here on Earth - the good, the bad, the ugly, and the magical.

Even the most devastating and painful experiences in our lives matter.

How so? Only you can answer that question. You may not understand why immediately, or even months or year later. But you will, if you have your heart open and truly desire to understand the significance of the event. 

When we know better, we can do better.

What's most important for you to remember every single day is that you are needed, and now is the time to take action to live the life you've always wanted. 

Take that first step, if you haven't already, towards your dream job or career. Go read that book that's going to educate you and prepare you for the next stage. Say yes, next time you're invited to have a great time with your friends. Dust off all those creative materials you have and paint a masterpiece. 

You are not here by accident.

You are not here just to bear witness to the happiness and tragedy going on around you. You are here to partake in the evolution of humanity to help elevate mass consciousness to a whole new level. 

Imagine what the world would be like if we were all more conscious about ourselves, our mission, our goals, desires and truly valued ourselves? When we value ourselves, we value others. What we are able to do naturally for ourselves, we will naturally do so for others. 

Be the light.

You have an endless source of love, rooted in your eternal connection to the Universe. Tap into it, consciously through intention, whenever you need it. All you have to do is ask, and you shall receive the abundance of love. 

Wishing you all love and happiness. 

Namaste, peace & love,


Dr. Cali