Beadsaholic Review: We Are All Creators Artist Palette


Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Cristy Cali We are All Creators Artist Palette Couture Charm.

Cristy Cali has created a beautiful take on the Artist Palette charm. The bail is a nice 6 mm wide barrel with their signature Fleur de lis design, dangling from the bail is a beautiful 12 mm palette designed with genuine semi-precious Swiss Blue Topaz, Green Agate, Yellow Topaz, Pink Tourmaline and Amethyst stones. Also, dangling is a brush and a tag that reads “We are all creators of our own reality”. This is a staple on my Trollbeads Art to Go bracelet and a must have for any art lover. Though there are a few palettes out there, I think this charm stands out from the rest. This charm retails at $98, which isn’t bad with the genuine stones that are included in the designs.

I’m including photos at different angles so that you can see all the details in this bead.

I love how it hangs on a bracelet and that the brush dangles with it.

Here is how I’m currently wearing it on the Art to Go bracelet, I plan to add more art charms as time goes on.

Over all, you cannot go wrong with this Artist Palette, it is beautiful, I love that the stones are genuine and not just crystals.

If you would like to order this charm or browse the Cristy Cali Jewelry line you may do so at the following banner link! Also, through the link you can save 10% off your entire order.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this charm? So, leave me a comment below. 




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