I hope this message finds you well, and I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for being a part of my journey thus far. Today, I'd like to share a significant chapter of my life, reflecting on its impact and the decisions it's led me to.

As some of you may already know, my journey as an entrepreneur began when I joined my family's business, Sterling Silvia, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. As the only child of immigrant parents, I witnessed the challenges of maintaining a family business in a foreign land, with little external support. My desire to help and contribute gradually led me to find ways to enhance their operations.

Over seven years, I dedicated myself to the business, but it became evident that generational differences and resistance to change were straining our family relationship. A difficult decision had to be made, and it was with a heavy heart that I left the family business to preserve our familial bonds.

From this period of uncertainty, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, leading to the founding of Cristy Cali Jewelry. Unfortunately, leaving the family business did not heal the rift within our family; in fact, it drove us further apart. This is why my jewelry designs have not been available at their stores.

I understand that this narrative might be unusual for a business to share, but I believe that authenticity is vital. I am certain that many of you have faced your own family challenges, and I hope that my story provides some comfort in knowing you're not alone.

Thankfully, after seven years of estrangement, I reached out to my father, and we began the healing process. Today, our relationship is stronger than ever, but we maintain strict boundaries between family and business. This is why I do not offer my designs through their store.

Now, I stand before you, with the family I always dreamt of, and it took immense effort and growth to achieve this.

I share all of this to lead to my next point: my family is eager to retire and has offered me the opportunity to take over the family business. I am currently evaluating this offer, and a definitive decision must be made within the next 6-8 months to prepare for an ownership transition by 2025.

In the spring of this year, before this opportunity was presented, I began working on a business plan to start my e-commerce agency, Cosmic E-Commerce, to help businesses enhance their online presence. My family agreed to be one of my first clients, and Cosmic E-Commerce is growing, receiving referrals from my network.

This leads me to believe that through Cosmic E-Commerce, I can preserve my family's legacy by improving their online presence, irrespective of the future of their French Quarter location.

I share this with you because Sterling Silvia is an integral part of my story, and its future is yet to be determined. I have exciting plans to breathe new life into its e-commerce presence, driven by my love for preserving my family's legacy.

While the website has a way to go, I invite you to explore the brand-new website I built for them. As the holiday season approaches, I kindly ask you to consider their business for your gifting needs. Enjoy 30% off your online order with code CRISTYSGIFT30 until the end of this month.

Since they have extensive inventory, not all of which is online, we've launched the Sterling Silvia VIP Facebook group to offer limited-quantity items for sale. In addition, we're helping support their growing Instagram account. I'd be delighted to welcome you to join and be part of our new Sterling Silvia social community!

For customer service support from Sterling Silvia, please contact sales@sterlingsilvia.com or call 504-299-9225 during business hours. Please note that the Cristy Cali jewelry team cannot assist with Sterling Silvia inquiries, as they are distinct businesses.

Thank you for taking the time to read this heartfelt message. Supporting my family's business means the world to me, and I believe you may find some pieces that resonate with you, just as my journey began there.

Check out this recent interview with Channel 4 WWLTV featuring my family's business at our local Dia de los Muertos event last weekend. 

Wishing you a magical day filled with peace and love.

Warm regards,

Cristy Cali