Snow White's Apple Clip Charm – Cristy Cali

Snow White's Apple Clip Charm



  • Charm measures 16 x 12 mm
  • Solid 925 Sterling Silver
  • Consciously handcrafted in Thailand
  • Designed with love in New Orleans, Louisiana

Important note for pendant purchases: Chains are optional, and not included in the pendant purchase price. If you'd like to add the recommended chain, as shown on the picture with the pendant, please select the length you'd like from the drop down menu. If you'd like to add a different kind of chain, please visit the chains category.

Everyone has a different image that comes to mind when the sight of an apple appears before them. Depending on your upbringing and the literature you've read, your thoughts will certainly lead you to one of your most sincere connection to the apple. 

That being said, I called my apple charm Snow White's apple, because that is the first thing I think of - a poisoned fruit from a jealous witch with evil intentions towards such a pure spirit, loved by all. Snow White's name and even her personality reveal a spirit so pure, almost child-like, that the apple could represent the first emotional pain, the first encounter with darkness - something we all experience.

We can either blame the apple or choose to see the true malicious intentions of those that try to feed us false fruits. 

I love this article by Joe Panek on his personal thoughts about the symbolism of the apple in folklore, mythology and world history:

What is it about the Apple? What caused this fruit to become 
such a sacred, magical and enchanting Symbol in the 
mythologies and folklores of the world? 

We have Johnny Appleseed planting Apples everywhere. 

An Apple fell upon the head of Isaac Newton as he was sitting
in the shade of an Apple tree (we should be thankful that 
Sir Isaac did not choose to sit under a coconut tree!).

One of the twelve labors of Hercules required that he obtain 
an Apple from the nymphs who guarded the Garden of the
Hesperides; thereby gaining him immortality.

King Arthur and Merlin are said to have sailed off to the
blessed Isle of Avalon where they enjoy eternal life. 
Avalon is derived from the Welsh word for apple, afal.

And in Christian mythology Eve offers Adam an Apple,
Forbidden Fruit which grew upon the Tree of Knowledge
of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. And though Eve
originally offered Adam "a fruit", this fruit later evolved 
into an Apple.

In Greek mythology the Apple is associated with Aphrodite,
the goddess of Love. Also in Greek mythology, the root of the
word apple is associated with the sun god Apollo.

In Chinese mythology the Apple is the Symbol for peace and
the Apple blossom is a Symbol of feminine Beauty.

In mystic literature the Apple tree is Symbolic of the "Tree of 
Life" or "Tree of Unity", the other tree which grew in the 
Garden of Eden, or Paradise...the "Tree of Immortality" from 
which Adam and Eve were permitted to eat.

The Apple tree is often also Symbolic of "The World Tree". 

The Apple is a circular fruit. The Circle is a Symbol for "The All",
"The Eternal" and "The Complete". However, many other fruits
are circular: such as the orange, peach, nectarine, grapefruit
and even the grape. So why was the Apple chosen, above all 
the other circular fruits, to represent "The All" along with
everything which is contained within "The All"?

The Apple was chosen because within the Apple there is 
contained the Five-Pointed Star and the Seeded Vulva which 
Symbolize the two aspects which are required for creation in 
the material realm.

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