Lighthouse Couture Charm – Cristy Cali

Lighthouse Couture Charm



6 x 2 mm

Cristy's Comments: 

My step-grandfather enjoyed collecting anything which depicted lighthouses. I have fond memories as a child playing with his collection.

Not to mention, anytime I visit a new place with a lighthouse that is open to the public, I enjoy the spiral ascent for a 360 view. One of my favorite lighthouses to visit was the St. Augustine Lighthouse, which has an interesting ghost story. 

Symbolically, lighthouses do have a spiritual significance. Photographer John Lund describes it beautifully on his website:

Lighthouses are rich with symbolism and conceptual meanings.

In this lighthouse photo a keeper stands at the lamp-house rail and watches the ocean as the storm clouds begin to clear in the twilight. The symbols here are many: The lighthouse illustrates concepts such as danger, risk, adversity, challenge and vigilance. But it also offers guidance, salvation and safety. The keeper at the rail indicates keeping a wary eye out and being alert, while the warmly glowing lamp reminds us that security and home are well within reach. Lighthouses symbolize the way forward and help in navigating our way through rough waters whether those waters be financial, personal, business or spiritual in nature. Nothing else speaks of safety and security in the face of adversity and challenge quite the way a lighthouse does.

Lighthouse Symbolism: A lone figure, a lighthouse keeper, stands at the lamphouse rail and watches the sea under clearing storm clouds

Concept, Metahpor and Symbology of The Lighthouse

Lighthouses are icons of symbol, metaphor and concept illustrating some of the most lofty ideals of modern mankind. The keeper, a symbol of rugged individualism, a man who keeps the lamp lit in the face of the most dire of situations, is revered as a person who put personal safety and comfort well behind that of duty and nobility. He lives alone in solitude in the most desolate, rugged and dangerous locations that he might warn the seafaring of peril and risk. The structure itself, rising tall in the sky, represents the best of man, his most lofty of ideals, a proximity ever closer to the heavens and God, and a towering signpost to guide the way and warn of danger. The beacon, shining out over the roughest and stormiest of seas, symbols of salvation and direction, leading those in danger to safety and security whether it be a danger of physical manifestations or of spiritual and moral trials and tribulation.

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