Gemstone Skulls – Cristy Cali

Gemstone Skulls


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  • Approximately 3 x 3 inches
  • Genuine gemstone crystals
  • Globally sourced


Gemstone Skulls

Skulls are by far one of my most favorite symbols because of a quote I heard in my early 20's, "Without a constant reminder of death, one can never truly live freely."

This quote was stated in reference as to why so many educated men from the 15th century forward maintained a real human skull on their writing desk. 

Although radical, this is precisely why I chose to get a skull tattoo not too long after. 

You'll find many skulls in my collection because rather than a symbol of fear and death I choose to perceive this symbol as gratitude for life and to remind me that there is a mortal aspect to my existence. I hope this inspires you to adopt a more empowering perception of skulls. 


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