Mariposas Moradas



What does this mean to you?

This phrase means something different to everyone. Your story is uniquely yours.

Originally designed during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as a cry for all the homesick who were unable to return home.


      Amethyst butterfly collection inspired by Amanda Shaw designed by Cristy Cali

      Renowned jewelry designer Cristy Cali is proud to present a new project launching Spring 2020. Mariposas Moradas is a special jewelry collaboration with acclaimed singer and musician, Amanda Shaw. Last year, the friends discussed ways to come together for a clever design that honors their Hispanic roots and gives back to the community. Besides their creative careers, the talented ladies discovered many personal parallels - their Guatemalan culture, love for local, giving spirits and desire for growth.

      When COVID-19 impacted the original launch date and their existing charitable collaboration with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Louisiana (HCCL), true inspiration struck! Together, the three entities are teaming up for the Mariposa Grants Program, a community initiative led by HCCL that provides grants to small businesses.

      Mariposas Moradas, amethyst butterfly collection inspired by Amanda Shaw designed by Cristy Cali, is now available for customers to purchase. This unique butterfly jewelry represents grace and beauty through transformation and growth, and is a wonderful way to begin raising money for the Mariposa Grants Program. As Hispanic women leading their own businesses, this is truly a powerful partnership with a purpose.

      To join the Mariposa Movement, click below to order one of the initial three Mariposas Moradas pieces. A percentage of sales will go back to the Mariposa Grants Program. Click here to visit the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana's website for more information.

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