Guatemalan-born & NOLA Native Cristy Cali Is Opening A Store on Magazine Street


Nola-native and internationally recognized jewelry designer, Cristy Cali, is coming to Magazine Street.

Although the exact address has yet to be determined, jewelry enthusiasts can expect to find this new hidden gem nestled quaintly between Washington and Louisiana Avenue.

Revered as a modern mystic of her time, Cali’s work infuses spiritual symbolism, New Orleans culture and other empowering inspirations, including diamonds, garnets, labradorite, and more. Cristy Cali graduated from Loyola University, where she obtained a degree in International Business. After graduating from Loyola, she received a design certification from the GIA, the Gemological Institute of America, in Carlsbad, California. Today Cali’s work can be found in a variety of fine jewelry retailers throughout southern Louisiana. You might even spot a piece or two at one of Moress’s three retail locations in Thailand!

Throughout her career, Cali has established and maintained relationships with family-owned and operated factories across the globe, each specializing in different techniques and bringing a new dimension to her designs. These unique experiences and techniques gained from her studies are exemplified through her business and creative process. Cali’s attention to detail, high quality craftsmanship, and a whole lot of love, work together to create a product unlike any other.


As a native of Guatemala, Cali’s inspiration to create is fueled by her desire to reconnect with her roots. This inspiration can be seen through the expansion of her creative abilities and development of new products that extend beyond the jewelry realm. In the future, Cali intends to begin incorporating the use of jade into her collections as a tribute to Guatemala, one of the world’s more prominent sources of jade mining.

Visit to learn more about why she decided to open a store, what to expect, and how you can save money by becoming an exclusive store backer. Contribute to the growth of Cali’s New Orleans business while receiving rewards and savings by choosing one of the several sponsorship packages available. Want access to exclusive deals and events? Sign up for a VIP Membership! VIP Members will enjoy a year’s worth of exclusive jewelry designs, invites to VIP events, free entry to ticketed events, a complimentary chakra or metaphysical reading with Cali, and more. VIP Members will also be able to spot their name displayed inside the store as a “thank you” for their patronage.  Sponsorship packages will be no longer be available after July 30th, so visit today!

Although an official store opening date has not been determined, Cali looks forward to being open for business just in time for Art for Art’s Sake, Oct. 5.

To watch the progress of the store’s development behind the scenes, follow Cali on Instagram @CristyCaliJewelry, engage with her directly via her VIP Facebook Group, or explore her jewelry designs at

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