Cristy Cali at New Orleans Entrepreneur Week 2024

The founder stage at NOEW brings together entrepreneurs from diverse industries & stages, providing you an opportunity to learn from their unique business experiences.

Shadows On The Entrepreneurial Road

In this Founder’s Story, Cristy Cali reveals the challenges surrounding her professional career as she grapples with generational clashes in her family’s business and ultimately forges her own path. Cristy's candid narrative of isolation, trepidation, and self-discovery, invokes inspiration and invites you to witness the resilience that guides her to create light in the darkest moments. Cristy's experience reminds us that the shadows on the entrepreneurial road are opportunities to uncover hidden strengths we never knew we possessed. 

When: Wednesday, March 13, 2024 9-5 PM

Where: Gallier Hal


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