Return To The Sacred World with Obsidian Blade

To make this announcement is truly an honor. My dear friend and business coach, Wesley, AKA Talon RA, of Obsidian Blade has just released an incredible mind-detoxing course to help empower people like yourself to rise above the accumulating chaos we currently find ourselves in. 

Wes wearing his Cristy Cali Diamond Ying Yang Necklace

Wes and I met in the Spring of 2018 when I decided to attend the Conscious Media Festival in Austin, TX. One of my favorite authors, Lee Harris, was speaking at this event and I couldn't miss the opportunity to watch him speak. 

During one of the festival's parties, I was introduced to Wes. We had a lovely conversation and I was left feeling surprisingly uplifted after our short encounter. But then, the following day, I watched him grace the stage during a panel-discussion on the importance of conscious media. 

There's something about Wes' energy that is undeniably substantial in the fact that his words and presence change you. 

Shortly after the festival, I called Wes to unload the trouble I found myself in. I had just experienced a terrible business-deal-gone-wrong and I felt alone and in despair as I struggled to pick up the pieces and "start over" in a sense. 

Wes offered his coaching services to get me through the rough patch I was experiencing and I ended up hiring him as a business coach for about 8-9 months to help me rebuild the foundation of my company. 

Speaking with Wes was always uplifting, empowering and inspiring. I always felt re-energized and refreshed with a renewed sense of being after our meaningful discussions. 

Recently, Wes reached out to inform me that he was launching a new course to help humanity navigate out of the chaos we've been presented with this year. I couldn't wait to jump in and experience this for myself!


The name of his new online course is Return to the Sacred World

The name is simple, yet extremely powerful, as he reminds us that we are not "discovering" a new sacred world, rather returning to it. We've lost ourselves with all the political and societal distractions so much, it has become increasingly difficult to focus on our own spiritual mission. 

As someone who as personally worked with Wes, I highly recommend his online course to anyone who is seeking to gain profound clarity and rise above the toxic energy enclosing upon us from every direction. 


Wes' course is unbelievably priced at $180

AND includes a monthly zoom call with him! He charged me several thousand dollars each month for his business coaching services, so I can personally attest that THIS. IS. A. STEAL. 

If you're ready to return to the Sacred World and train with one of the best transformational coaches I've ever worked with, then start your journey by clicking the icon below.