New Moon In Taurus & The 444 Portal

Major Physical Shifts Bring An End To The Old While Welcoming The New

Today is 4/22/2020 numerologically 4/2+2/2+0+2+0 = 444 just like two other days this month: 4/4/2020 and 4/13/2020.


Woah! But what does this mean?


The number 4 is an Earthly number, related to physical reality because it represents structure, framework, building, construction, finances, work, etc.

In the traditional creation story found in Genesis, Earth was created on the fourth day. Money is a major characteristic of the number 4 because not only is this our physical exchange of energy, but quite literally, the paper grew from trees.

On this third and final powerful 444-energy day, we have the pleasure of welcoming the New Moon in Taurus.

New Moons are the first phase of the lunar cycle – the first. Beginnings are opportunities for a fresh start.

The sign of Taurus is an Earth element, ruled by the planet Venus of love, creation & beauty. The energy related to Taurus is sensitive, a little stubborn, harmonious, sensual, stable, reliable, and appreciates the comforts of life.

The Pleiades is a cluster of stars found within the Taurus constellation. They are often referred to as the “weeping sisters.” Alcyone, the brightest star of the Pleiades, is the star of sorrow, but also the star of success and prominence. Algol means “demon” and is the most violent and evil of the stars. It is said to deal with losing one’s head, both figuratively and literally as in decapitation. Aldebaran is associated with honor, intelligence, extraordinary energy and enthusiasm, but there is a threat of danger from enemies. (Patry, 59)

We can find elements of this energy on the world stage right now. For example, the current world crisis is pushing people to their limits, and quite literally some are “losing their minds.” Like the Pleiades, the world is weeping; we are in sorrow. Nevertheless, if you look hard enough, you’ll find many stories of success and prominence in the world with the way people are stepping up to create solutions. And lastly, we all know there is a great threat of danger from enemies – this invisible virus and any sinister beings trying to take advantage of this situation for their own personal gain.

Law, order and regulation are keywords for 4. The fourth card of the tarot is The Emperor, someone in charge of establishing and overseeing law, order and regulation. We have been seeing a lot of President Trump and the legislative branch lately, in their attempts to introduce new laws, order and regulations to address the problems as a result of this world crisis.


So, what am I supposed to do?

Given all of this information, you may be saying, “Okay, so now what? How does this translate into what I am supposed to do?”


Embrace the energy of Taurus and the number 4 in your own unique way, while being open to welcoming new beginnings. Where can you create a fresh new start?


During this period, reason reigns. The number 4 is symbolic of a square window, through which we see; therefore, you must exercise vision, insight, and analysis. Look and see into the heart of any situation, for you may be called upon to use your reason and judgment. (Javane, 133)


Create, transform and organize more beauty into your life.


If you are a creative, create! Build tangible objects, renovate your home or your sacred spaces (bathroom, bedroom, office). Clean and organize

The idea is for you to see visual results from your efforts. The more beautiful you can make it, the better.


Don’t give up hope.


Taurus is resilient, stubborn, loyal, dedicated and also a hard-worker. But working hard does not mean turning a blind eye to opportunities to be able to work smarter.

We live in a time where useful technology is readily available to us and there are more coaches, mentors, counselors, therapists and leaders accessible than ever before.

There is too much useful resources and information within reach to fail.


Accept and take ownership of your responsibilities.


Taurus is responsible and gets the job done. With Venus ruling over Taurus, the job gets done with love and compassion. This is the main reason why the job gets done in the first place, because it comes from a place of love.

Sometimes, tough love is necessary. Taurus knows you should not do for others what they could and should do for themselves. When Taurus gets the job done, it’s because Taurus knows the job is no one else’s responsibility. Otherwise, accepting responsibility for someone else’s duties encourages that person to rely on you more than they should. Before you know it, you could be left doing more for others than for yourself, causing your energy to be depleted and feelings of resentment will eventually fuel a burst of emotion.

To steer clear of this from happening, remember to express your love not by over-doing things for others, but rather ensuring they know you are there to support them if they need you.


Conduct Your Own New Moon Ritual


What is a ritual?


What makes a ritual different than any other type of organized event is that a ritual stimulates all 5 senses of the human body.


The Psychological Effects of Rituals

The reason rituals are effective tools for change is because the human body is being immersed into an experience for a prolonged period of time. The human psyche is being asked to focus energy and concentrate attention on a specific intention.

One of the key rules of speech and intentions is that once a suggestion is given to our subconscious mind, we must assume this is already being accomplished. This is why listening to “negative” news or “negative” people is not always wise, unless you have strong mental and emotional barriers in place to keep the energy (words) of others from affecting you.

Rituals require our eyes to see symbols, which is the language of Spirit. If you think about it, many ancient symbols have been around for so long, no translation is required to understand them. Today’s emojis are a great example of the international use of symbols.

Rituals also require our voices for chanting or spells, which involves our throat chakra of communication and creative expression. If our words are in alignment with our hearts, as they should be, then we speak with our hearts, especially when we set intentions or express our love for someone.

Our words reflect our will or willpower and we must not underestimate the power of our words. When we speak with our hearts, our ears hear and translate the information back through our nervous system, which also reinforces our intention through our entire being.


How to Perform A New Moon Ritual

Create A Sacred Space


Find a private place where you can move around. talk to yourself and be with your own energy for a while. This place should feel welcoming, loving, nurturing and safe.

Set the mood. Burn incense or diffuse essential oils. Light a candle or several.

If possible, decorate your space to make it your own. Claim it. Own it. Make this your Sacred Space so when you come here, you know it is time to travel inward within yourself.




Do not breathe just to survive, breathe to feel alive. Practice different breathing techniques to bring you to present, such as the 5-6-7 breath. Breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 6 seconds, and breathe out for 7 seconds over and over until you feel calm, relaxed and at peace.


Stretch & Move Your Body

Moving your body is important because your muscles store memory. When you stretch intentionally, imagine those tense & sore muscles releasing unpleasant memories. Pay close attention to your thoughts. What is coming up at this time? What is still stuck inside your body?

When an unpleasant memory arises, say, “Thank you for the lesson. I am grateful for this experience because I know better now. You have served me well. I release you with love and gratitude.” Then imagine the memories slipping out of your body and ascending into thin air above you.


Set An Intention


What does your heart need at this time? What can you ask the Universe for that will help uplift and carry you through these difficult times?

Our subconscious minds accept what you seek, the desired result, much better than commands or asking specifically for something.

For example, if money would make life easier, instead of asking the Universe for money out of thin air, set an intention for abundance. Utilize the power of your imagination to meditate on what you life would be like and feel like if you had X amount of money in your bank account. Feel your body. Embrace your emotions. Imagine what you would do, how you would act, and simply immerse yourself in those joyful thoughts.

The mission is for you to shift and transform your current energy signature into a new state with these new ideas, thoughts and creative imagery.

New Moon intentions should be relevant to welcoming new beginnings. Specifically, with tonight’s moon, your intention should reflect an invitation to new physical shifts in reality such as structure, finances, framework, career, and practical things.

Suggestions for tonight’s New Moon in Taurus intentions:

  • I set an intention for being more open minded
  • I set an intention for welcoming new opportunities
  • I set an intention for more abundance in my life
  • I set an intention for a fresh new start
  • I set an intention for more gratitude & appreciation

TIP: Use something tangible, like a necklace, especially an oil diffuser necklace to anoint with your intention. This way, each time you wear that piece of jewelry, you will be subconsciously triggered and reinforced of your intention.


Take A Bath

If possible, take a bath afterwards to conclude your ritual. Baths are symbolic for washing away all of the old patterns or thoughts that no longer serve you.

Add Epson salt, bath bombs or essential oils like lavender for muscular support and relaxation.

You are a multidimensional being, meaning you are not just a physical being, you are also mental, emotional and spiritual. Utilize this bath time to wash away and cleanse all dimensions of yourself.

Mentally, cleanse.

Emotionally, cleanse.

Spiritually, cleanse.


If you would like to read more about this event, please click here for supplementary reading on the 444 Portal & New Moon in Taurus. 


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In peace, love and light ✌️💜

Dr. Cristy Cali


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