How You Can Help Heal Breast Cancer Through The Art of Jewelry

Illness is now big business. I support healing.


Grandmothers, children, cousins, parents, friends – cancer doesn’t discriminate. No matter your age, race, gender or sexuality, cancer is one of the few illnesses that has impacted the lives of every single one of us – either directly or indirectly.

For generations people have suffered with side-effects from the disease, taking on the emotional burdens of the unknown and even carrying the pain of helplessness from being caregivers to loved ones fighting for their lives. Cancer is horrible – and one of the most impactful and devastating forms of the disease is breast cancer.

Every October people and businesses around the world create campaigns to raise awareness around breast cancer. Millions, if not billions of dollars, are raised each year to fund cancer research; in my opinion, there are various ways to impact and benefit more people. This is one of the reasons I partnered with Casting for Recovery, a nonprofit that concentrates their efforts on healing the whole patient, which is what should matter most to everyone. 

As a doctor of metaphysics and a certified holistic life coach, I speak from a perspective with a fundamental understanding that human beings are multidimensional beings. Our intention with this campaign is to really make a direct difference in the lives of survivors as well as current patients. 


You may appear to exist as a singular being, yet you have endless connections to realities beyond the bounds of your perceptions. 

- Barbara Marciniak, The Path of Empowerment


My opinion of healing is in alignment with Roy Vongtama, MD who wrote the following in his book Healing Before You're Cured:

A wholly integrated approach is synergistic, meaning it works in combination, with what Western medicine provides. Noticed I used the term "wholly integrated" and did not write alternative or complimentary, which is what most Western doctors would call it. Those terms imply that non-Western approaches are merely add-ons, as if they were not [as] important.
I am convinced that what we can do with our personal choices before we get sick is as important (if not more important) that almost every choice we make after we get sick. 

I do believe that 6,000 years of holistic experience from the East can be balanced effectively with $6 trillion dollars of research from the West. 


 As multidimensional spiritual beings, our life force energy is exactly that - energy. Our physical body is inhabited by the energy of our divine spirit. When our spirits are up, we experience magic and synchronicity in our lives, we see beauty in everything and act as conduits of love. God, Source-Energy, is love, as the bible says. 

Illness is an internal battle, and people get sick in part because they stop their mental and emotional growth, which closes off accessibility to cosmic and spiritual connections and energy. (Marciniak, 139). 

 Illness can be understood as a physical manifestation of blocked emotional energy focused by your thinking - in other words, when emotions and feelings go unexpressed, the blocked energy leads to inappropriate activity that will eventually manifest in poor health. 

Great significance underlies every illness, large or small, [because our bodies are biofeedback systems for our attitudes]. Managing energy involves managing your relationship with your emotional self. Examining your emotions is the bottom line for understanding the purpose of a particular health-related situation. Poor health does not just land in your lap. 

You are ultimately responsible for setting the state of your body's inner terrain based on the choices you make, and you actually restrict your body's natural healing processes when you readily accept only conventional medical labels and categories for your condition. You deny the purpose and power of your body's intelligence when you believe that you "just caught something out of the blue," rather than realizing and accepting that your body is merely responding to your inner feelings and commands." (Marciniak, 142).


Nature vs. Nurture Debate

This debate was coined by Francis Galton, who was a half-cousin Charles Darwin, according to Wikipedia. Those that have taken belief upon a side will have difficulty being open-minded about Marciniak's wise words. Nonetheless,  research conducted by genome researcher Matt Ridely, now available to the public in his 2003 publication Nature Via Nurture: Genes, Experience and What Makes Us Human, makes the case to support this view. 

Ridely has found that genes are not the puppet-master of our conditions, rather they are potentials, under which our environment regulates influence upon. In other words, we may carry a gene that makes us susceptible to a specific illness, but if we live our lives in alignment with our personal truth and allow ourselves to be conduits of love to fulfill our life's purpose, illness will not need to appear in our lives. 


Illness is often a catalyst of spiritual transformation. 

- Caroline Myss, PH.D. 


Metaphysical Healing

 Like Dr. Vontgtama said, wholly integrated approaches towards healing illnesses requires focus and attention on the other dimensions of our being, besides the physical. Our emotional and spiritual healing is just as essential as treating the physical cancer cells. 

The reason I chose to partner with Casting for Recovery this year was to not only create awareness around breast cancer, but also stress the importance of community, support, encouragement and inspiration from other women that have walked down the same seemingly lonesome path and individuals who are passionate about expressing their love for those affected. This in itself is a form of energy healing. 

Casting For Recovery's retreats are open to current breast cancer patients and survivors. These brave warriors are invited to venture out into nature, with expert guides, to teach women the art and skill of fly-fishing. 


Why fly fishing and breast cancer?

This healing program is very unique in recovery. According to Casting for Recovery's website, the healing program is unique! For women who have had surgery or experienced radiation as part of their breast cancer treatment, the gentle motion of fly casting can be good physical therapy for increasing mobility in the arm and upper body. Couple that with the emotional benefits of connecting with nature, and you’ve got powerful medicine. The retreats are unconventional and described by many women as life-changing.



How YOU Can Help Women Heal from Breast Cancer 

We are accepting submissions for current patients and survivors of breast cancer to be connected with sponsors willing to purchase a bracelet to support patients' healing journey. The money raised from our Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet sales will go towards sponsoring women for a Casting for Recovery retreat next year.

All women who submit for a chance to receive a donated bracelet by a sponsor will be contacted in January with a registration link for the opportunity to be selected to experience an expense-free Casting for Recovery retreat in 2020!

Become a sponsor by scheduling a call with our customer service team and we will process your order securely over the phone. 

If you personally know someone affected by breast cancer, we can ship your jewelry order directly to them! Just input their shipping information during the checkout process. We can also include a note on your behalf, if you'd like, by including your personal message in the special instructions section in your cart's page. 

We also hope you will purchase a bracelet for yourself. That way you can stay conscious and mindful, and help us spread positive awareness about the importance of spiritual & emotional healing whenever someone compliments you on your beautiful jewelry. 

Please share pictures on social media to continue our mission of empowerment through awareness. Here are some suggested hashtags to use: 

#CfR #CristyCali #BetterTogerther #BreastCancer #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #BreastCancerAwareness


About My Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelets

As a believer in the power of energy healing, the act of crafting these bracelets in an enhanced state of mind was of upmost importance. Before I sat down to make these bracelets, I prayed and meditated, thinking of every soul affected by breast cancer and their healing. I imagined love pouring out of my heart, being absorbed and stored by the hot pink agate stones, then radiating around the ultimate wearer, surrounding them in love. 

These bracelets will only be sold during the month of October. Please be aware, VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES are available. Only 20 "Survivor" bracelets and approximately 100 "Sponsor" bracelets will be produced. 



The Power of Prayer

In Caroline Myss' Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing, Myss mentions a discussion she had with Ron, a former Catholic priest, who had earned a national reputation for his ability to heal people:

"What does healing through prayer actually mean?

It means invoking the energy of God to 'grace us' in a way that allows us to feel more powerful than the illness. 


Myss closes this segment in her book by saying, "Ron's work represents the reemergence of a form of healing that has always existed and was always meant to exist: being healed through faith, in the present moment (283). 


Suggested Reading

Whether you have been personally affected by breast cancer or are suffering through witnessing the pain of a loved one, I have compiled a list of books I strongly believe will empower you with the mindset to combat and conquer your fears of illness.


Closing Statement

My mission with this campaign is to empower people through positive awareness. As Sanya Roman once said, "You are like a radio that can receive many stations. What you receive depends on what you pay attention to."

Barbara Marciniak says, "Our attention is awareness, mindfulness, and watchful consciousness. Consciousness is existence."

Within our own imagination, our thoughts are real. And ultimately, our thoughts create our own reality. 

This campaign is meant to serve those who choose to see from a greater vista and accept the role we play in our own health and well-being. If our health was solely in the hands of someone outside of ourselves, we would be completely powerless in the contribution of our healing journey, and we all know, that is not the case. We have much more power than we sometimes believe.

Of course, we all need help, guidance, technology, and support. But ask yourself, as is your right, is the support I seek rooted in love, or in something else? 

I have worked very hard on creating these beautiful bracelets for this incredible cause and I hope & pray they will bring healing, love, and joy to over one hundred women who these bracelets end up with. 

I leave you with this, know that you are loved. Wherever you are, whoever you are, I love you. Unconditionally. You are with me and I will always be with you when you think of me.