Cali KREWE June Giveaway



On the next full moon 🌝, June 5th, one really lucky KREWE member is going to win this one-of-a-kind vintage inspired Cali Purple mirror, hand painted by LA artist Eric Red Thunder ⚡️


Want extra entries???

This time, not only does everyone receive an entry, but for every $100 you spend from May 8th through June 5th, you'll receive an additional 5 🖐🏽 entries!!!!


Mirror Symbolism & Intention

This is a priceless artifact that exists only because Eric is dedicating some of his time to create whimsical objects for the KREWE through his love & commitment of art 🎨

Together, we decided on a hand-mirror to send a message about self-love 💖

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? What do you feel? 

Due to the amount of high-level energy required to make this piece a reality, we ask that the winner take great care of their new mirror and treat it with respect. Imagine the amount of love & dedication it took to bring this mirror from our hearts and into your hands. 

Our mission is to create inspiration for the winner to understand what it truly means to love thyself. World peace begins with inner peace. World change begins with us, as individuals. 

Best wishes to all KREWE members!!!! ✌🏽💜👑


Join The Cali KREWE

The Cali KREWE is a monthly membership program designed to unlock incredible perks & benefits such as:

✔ NEVER pay full price again with UNLIMITED discounts

✔ Exclusive access to member-only jewelry designs

✔ LIVE monthly spiritual coaching call with Dr. Cristy Cali

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✔ More to come!


  • Stephanie

    Totally in love. I was never really into purple but over the last few years it’s a must to have a round. Makes me feel joyful and inspired now. This piece is a treasure that anyone who receives should be passed along as an heirloom to spread the self image that you are loved and to be an inspiration to all that see it. This is truly a one of a kind blessing to someone very special. I love how much you do for your followers and customers. I tell everyone that will listen and some that won’t about you and your inspirational jewelry and messages to everyone. Thanks for reading.

  • Leslie

    Beautiful piece.

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