La Buena Vida Agate Signature Stretch Bracelet – Cristy Cali

La Buena Vida Agate Signature Stretch Bracelet

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Made to order. Please allow up to 10 business days for Cristy Cali to handcraft your jewelry before shipping. 


  • 8mm multicolor dyed natural agate gemstones
  • Available in 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, and 9 inches
  • Stretch Design
  • Solid sterling silver components
  • Handcrafted with love in New Orleans


Due to the unique and natural irregularity of gemstones, each creation is slightly different and may not look exactly like the jewelry in the photos.


Prices are subject to change without notice, as gemstones in the same, or greater, consistency in cut and quality may not always be obtained at the same price due to several uncontrollable environmental & political factors.


La Buena Vida Agate Signature Stretch Bracelet


La Buena Vida was inspired by the colorful array of Latin American culture. Despite the fact that many Latin Americans are living in poverty, there is no shortage of smiles and laughter. Living a good life is not contingent on money, for wealth is an abundant state of mind. May these bracelets remind you to live in abundance, and in the present moment, for that is a good life.

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Gemstones come in many different cuts and degrees of hardness. Some gemstones can break if dropped or hit against something solid. Never expose your jewelry to chemicals, including alcohol found in many perfumes. Ultrasonic cleaners use modern technology to safely clean jewelry with gemstones. If you do not own an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, click here to read The Best Way to Clean Your Jewelry Without Harmful Chemicals.

To caution on the safe side, treat your Signature Beaded Gemstone jewelry with the upmost love and respect as if your jewelry had it's own consciousness because that's what I believe. Everything is alive, even rocks, and they vibrate at a frequency which allows us to feel their metaphysical & healing properties.


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