Understanding Lunar Energy

My most recent design release is intended to create a greater understanding, or at least an interest, in our relationship with the moon and how to live in harmony with lunar energy. 

My Hammered Moon Phase jewelry has a whole lot to say. 

First of all, the moon is representative of Divine Feminine energy, just as the sun represents divine masculine energy. The moon expresses the inner emotions within, while the sun expresses how those emotions manifest through your actions, personality and ego. 

Secondly, the moon is never constant, except for the fact that it is constantly moving in phases. In astrology, whichever house the moon is present will generally mean there will always be extremes of high's and low's. So, if the moon is present in your money house, that may explain why your finances are not always constant and steady. If the moon is in your 4th house of emotions you will experience intense emotions of happiness and sadness. In fact, if this is the case, in my personal opinion these individuals may be more vulnerable to slip into depression easily. Nevertheless, they could just as easily come out of it - all of this is dependent on their thoughts, beliefs and life values. There is no judgment here. This is okay. It is what it is. Knowing this could help eliminate any feelings of victim-hood or feeling like there is something wrong with us. There is nothing wrong with you. You, we, all of us are a perfect work in progress. 

Lastly, this design reminds us of how much of an impact the energy of the moon's phases has on us, especially our emotions. Ladies, are you aware that our cycles and the lunar cycles are essentially the same? There are 13 lunar cycles within a year and approximately the same amount of days as ours. Studies have also shown that there is a rise in crime during full moons, the time of the lunar cycle where there is the most abundant energy available. 

If you really think about the symbolism, visualization and dynamic of the moon's phases between light and darkness, this actually makes a lot of sense:

Light represents active energy & information

Darkness represents passive energy & reflection

The new moon is a time of new beginnings, planning, setting goals, intentions, and visioning. The waxing crescent provides the motivational energy requires to implement those goals and plans. The first quarter moon is where we really see half & half, where the dark could be seen as a challenge to the light - this could be challenges presented which means you could be faced with a significant decision. The waxing gibbous phase is the last phase before the full moon. It's like you're almost there, so your patience could be tested. This is a time of polishing, refining or adjusting.

When the full moon finally arrives, this is when the moon is reflecting the most about of light. Light = energy = information. This is when you may experience a rush of energy, a "second wing" and notice synchronicity. During these days, celebrate and give thanks.  

Waning gibbous comes right after the release of the energy burst blessing. This is the best time to focus on self-care, self-love and nurturing. Whether it's treating yourself to a massage, facial, hot bath, or acupuncture, this is where the healing energy is most present. The third or last quarter is when we can see the opposite side of the moon during the waning process. This is the time to ask yourself if anyone needs forgiving, including yourself. Are you being too hard on yourself for something? Maybe for not knowing better before you made a decision you regret? Or someone for disappointing you? Sometimes we need to readjust our thoughts or beliefs because the solution to may lie outside of these lines we previously drew for ourselves. 

Finally, comes the time to rest, during the waning crescent. Reflect and let go of what you feel could be burdening you. Pay attention to your intuition and your heart. 

May you embrace the magic & divine power of the moon with an open heart. We are here to "know thyself" and when we take the time to learn about ourselves, the more we learn about one another and this incredible Universe in which we live. 

In light, love and peace,

Cristy Cali, DMs.