Power of Divine Feminine Energy 💗

Let's be honest, shall we?

Men have had their reign in dominating power and leadership on this planet 🌎 for quite some time. Now in 2018, it's obvious things are changing and they are changing fast.

Can you believe that in just two years, we will be celebrating 100 years since Congress ratified the 19th amendment on August 18, 1920 into the  Constitution, allowing women the right to vote in the United States?

Before I go any further, let me be clear. I am not a feminist, nor do I really care for that term.


Allow me to explain why....


Balance is the key, not opposition. Otherwise, you're just leaning the other way.

Problems arise when things are not in order or balance. The years of suppression and underrated power of women in the past caused the extreme "feminist" movement we've seen recently. And I don't blame them!

Women are taking their power back, unlike ever before, in an uncensored way, because there’s never been a better time. Karma is swinging the pendulum the other way just as hard as it was initially pushed when all of this started thousands of years ago.

It's a 💫 Law of the Universe: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So, if you call yourself a "feminist" that's cool and all. 💁🏽I respect you and I understand where you're coming from; just be mindful of how that perception & energy ✨ you carry affects the men around you. If there are any men reading this, I have some words from the heart 💜 for you as well.


You're never going to believe this, but men have hearts ❤️, too


They want someone to nurture and love that heart, just as we hope for a man to do for us, even if they don’t admit it. Women (and when I say women, I mean no matter what sex you are, rather the gender of your soul; your dominating energy) and our divine feminine love energy 💗 is the key to opening a man's heart.  When a man falls in love 💕, he's a different person! The power of women and divine feminine energy 💗 has the ability to melt a man's heart and heal all past wounds. He feels complete within himself and with his partner.

Women who say they are feminist could potentially, without even realizing it, be trampling on the hearts 💔 of men in their lives by making them feel they are being ousted.

Women, we don't like to be "ousted" either, as we have been saying for thousands of years 😝; we like to be supported. Men don't like that sh*t either 😖😩. They also want to be loved and supported!

The term I prefer is "equalist" because it expresses what women have always truly wanted = equality. Wasn’t that the golden rule 🌟 to begin with? Again, it’s all about balance and harmony 🌈. The solution is not to take the power away from men, but share in it together to grow and understand one another; we should care about each other because we need one another.

As females, we are creators. We give life. Our womb is the place of birth. We bring life to the planet. We cannot forget that creation of life requires both - the masculine and feminine - equally to create life.

This movement of women taking their power back is having a much greater impact on men than we realize. Many men have struggled with their internal feelings, regarding cultural pressure to be "macho" and "manly" which causes them to act in a way they normally would not or feel insecure about how they "should be" in certain situations, especially towards women. Any outside pressure on anyone to be anything other than the best version of themselves is not very progressive, it’s the opposite - it's counter productive 😁. 

Our mainstream culture keeps women distracted with the latest fashion 👜👗👙and makeup trends 💄💋, ironically to attract a prospective male partner, all while men are struggling to figure out what's the best way to approach us with all these mixed signals. Women do not have to lose touch with their loving and nurturing feminine spirit to be strong women. 

It's hard for men to be the sweet loving gentlemen we desire to support us when there are some angry "feminists" out there yelling on the streets protesting saying derogatory things about men, most likely from their own personal negative experiences of sexual harassment, inequality and injustice. Only when women feel the need to eliminate or suppress their own feminine power 💗 in order to earn their roles in leadership or get ahead, do problems of imbalance arise. 



Women as a collective cannot be angry 😡 or stay angry 😠 with men for this imbalance, if we truly desire a harmonious balance of energy ✨ on this planet. More importantly, however, any anger or resentment being held internally in any way, must be released from the body; otherwise, you are only causing yourself dis-ease, which could, guess what? Lead to disease in the body.

This leads me to my next important point: If you are currently in or have been in a relationship  (whether man or woman) where you ever felt suppressed, controlled or unfairly dominated by your partner; where you weren't allowed to fully be yourself, feeling like you're walking on eggshells 🐣 all the time - that anger inside you is entrapping you, not the person you are angry at.

Think about it : that person has made conscious decisions to subjugate you, knowing it will likely cause you anger. Do you really think your anger will affect them? No. Only you 😔. If they say otherwise, that's called manipulation.

The male power is that of action and the power of women is that of creation and intuition. Women take power back by restoring balance, and this is accomplished by releasing any internalized anger and allowing the healing power of the divine feminine love 💗 to flourish within. Men must also do their part by simply respecting the process, allowing women to earn their positions of leadership in the world, being supportive and surrendering to their own internal feminine power.


Bear with me here…


Yes, men (or those who identify with a dominating male energy) must surrender to their own feminine power 💗 in order to balance the masculine energy within. I am saying the same for women as well. Again, the male power is that of action. Women put into action taking their power back by actively releasing any internalized anger and allowing the divine feminine, the energy that makes women nurturing, caring and loving, to pour out into the world 🌎 without hesitation or discrimination. If you know in your heart 💖you have the knowledge or ability to say or do something to make a positive difference, what's stopping you?! YOU ARE the healing power ✨of balance the world 🌎 needs now through your actions! In simple terms, be the change you wish to see. 



Energy Speaks by Lee Harris

Lee Harris began doing intuitive readings out of his home in England, 2004, as a part-time healer. Now based in California, he has built his company, Lee Harris Energy, into the multi-media, worldwide event company and production house it is today. Leading a ten-member international team, Lee is passionate about grounding creative spirituality into these challenging times. He is also determined to see people experience impactful and abundant lives while supporting each other through community.


This blog post was greatly inspired by a chapter titled, The Power of Women, from Lee Harris’ book Energy Speaks. I’ll close with this excerpt because I couldn’t have said it better myself.


“What does this mean to you… you may ask? It is time for you as a woman to speak your truth. Just hear what I say and interpret what that means to you.

 Those of you who are women, it is time to allow your voice. And by the same token, those of you who are men, it is time for you to allow your heartfelt, intuitive voices to be heard not just by the world, but by yourselves. Where women need to speak outwardly, with their masculine, men need to speak inwardly with their feminine. That is the balance.

 A man who chooses to speak inwardly to himself about his feelings and intuition will experience what it is a woman knows. And a woman who chooses to speak outwardly with what she knows with confidence, with delivery to those around her, will experience what a man knows - how to put into action what you create, what you give.” (Harris, 29)


So, my dear readers, I decided to write about this in my blog today because I was inspired by these words myself and I’m speaking my truth and putting into action what I know. Being that May is the month we celebrate Mother's Day, I felt it was this was a great time to talk about the Power of Women. Whether you're already a mother or not, you hold the power of creation within you and you can create the most fulfilling life you desire, if you choose to consciously take steps to create that for yourself.

I’m a woman who felt suppressed to speak my truth by another individual in my life for many years, and I know exactly what that feels like. Here's the kicker: you'll never guess who it was. I'll be sharing more of my story in my new podcast to launch soon, because I've come to realize sharing my own personal struggles has really made a positive impact for others to not feel alone, and overcome their own struggles. It’s time for us to be bolder and have the courage to speak up when we know in our hearts something isn’t quite right. What makes us different is our delivery, and what makes us effective is delivering the message with love ❤️.


Cristy Cali


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