Metaphysical Readings with Dr. Cristy Cali

Imagination is more important than intellect 

-Albert Einstein

Early last year, I had to make a decision of whether or not to move forward with the opportunity of opening up a storefront. While I was imagining what my shop would be like, I thought to myself how amazing would it be if not only could this location be a jewelry store, but also a place to host fun, empowering events and offer my metaphysical readings & teachings. There would be no other place like it!

Now that the store has successfully opened and has experienced its first holiday season, I am excited to announce that I am now ready to take this next step in putting months of planning into action!

How amazing it has been to witness what I once imagined in my mind manifest into physical reality. What an honor it is to be able to serve my customers in this new powerful way. This journey has led me down a path to be able to help the people that have supported my growth as a designer over the past thirteen years.


Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you

- Matthew 7:7

I went from being someone who felt they had no life purpose to helping others discover their own life purpose.

I went from chronic depression to living my best life.

I went from feeling as if there was no one in this world for me, to marrying my best friend and soulmate.

My life began to transform and become the best it could be the moment I started believing in myself and stopped living a life in the image of those around me.

Had I not experienced the excruciating pains of growth, the path the Universe knew was best for me, I would not be able to help others navigate the paths presented before them. I promise you, the pains you have experienced for yourself serve a greater purpose. The key is to believe in yourself and ask for what you desire in life. 


Why Should I Receive A Metaphysical Reading?

My Metaphysical Readings include a variety of branches of studies I have dedicated myself to over the past 5 years which include transpersonal psychology, spiritual counseling, Vedic astrology, numerology, meditation, subconscious reprogramming, color therapy, energy healing and other esoteric philosophies.

My teachers include Carl Jung, Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra, Regina Meredith, Michio Kaku, Bruce Lipton, Lee Harris, Brendon Burchard, Gabby Bernstein, Sheena Maneena, Joni Patry, Noell Eanes, Dr. Amberliegh Carter, Jamie Sams, Sherrie Dillard, Penny Piece, Eckhart Tolle, Caroline Myss and many more... 

My mission with my curated Metaphysical Readings is to put into practice all I have learned and help empower, inspire and motivate my clients to live their best life.  


You will walk away

  • knowing what you are as a multi-dimensional being
  • understanding how your over-soul's energy affects aspects of your personality
  • with a better idea of how astrology influences your emotions and energetic circumstances
  • with a clearer vision on how to utilize metaphysical principles to live your best life
  • having identified limiting and fear-based beliefs that could be holding you back

In my personal opinion, the experience of life may be separated into 4 different categories:

  1. Money & Career
  2. Relationships & Love
  3. Health & Wellness
  4. Your Unique Creative Expression

If you feel one or more areas of your life is out of balance or requires attention, my goal is to help you understand how to take the proper steps to bring balance or identify ways to enhance these areas of your life. 


What you will receive

  • A copy of your astrological birth chart (if required information is submitted)
  • Your personal numerology numbers (what's that?)
  • A prescription for your best gemstones
  • Spiritual guidance & counseling
  • Empowering advice to live your best life 




  • BBA from Loyola University of New Orleans
  • BA, MHs.D, and PhD. in Metaphysics from the Institute of Metaphysical Humanistic Science
  • Certified Holistic Life Coach 
  • Ordained Minister of the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism
  • Professional Member of the International Metaphysical Practitioner's Association 2018-2020
  • Certified CAD/CAM Tech Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California
  • Founder & CEO of Cristy Cali Jewelry since 2012 

Please review my strict IMPA Code of Ethics and confidentiality policy here. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly via email at


Pricing & Schedule

Please be aware I will be traveling most of February and some weeks in April to invest more time and energy into my spiritual development and professional training as a coach and practitioner, so most of my availability for this first quarter will be in January and March.

Bookings may be reserved up to 60 days in advance. Prices are subject to further increase without notice.