How You Can Support Us

Ways You Can Help

Since I went LIVE in my private FB group last night, and published this blog post for those who missed it, I've received both private and public messages asking what are the different ways you can help. Just by this question being asked, I can feel the tremendous love & support from y'all as a collective. "Thank you" does not feel like enough...


Join The Krewe 👑

If you can afford $13.33 to $15/mo, joining the Krewe would be a HUGE, HUGE help for us. Your contribution will go towards operational expenses. You may pause or cancel at any time through your membership portal or by contacting us.

To put things into perspective, I pay nearly $10k/year in insurance alone to protect against theft, robberies, business interruption, fire, floods, etc. Running a small business isn't cheap! But it is worth it 💜

Click here to learn more about the full Krewe membership benefits and how to sign up!


Write A Review ✍️

Your honest testimonial inspires new customers more than you think! We love to take screenshots and share your thoughtful words on our social media channels to give outsiders an insider's perspective. Please consider writing a review for us on the following platforms:







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Tell Your Friends About Us 👯‍♀️

When you take pictures of your jewelry, your visit to the shop, your record your online order unpackaging and share on your social media, you show your support for a small business. 

It sounds simple, yes, but sharing your experience, your joy & genuine emotions helps us beyond measure. Plus, we love the opportunity to be able to share your posts with all our followers, too!

Next time you get a chance, please post pictures or video of your jewelry/testimonial and tag us on social media for a repost! 

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