Golden Grounding Sardonyx Signature Stretch Bracelet – Cristy Cali

Golden Grounding Sardonyx Signature Stretch Bracelet


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  • 8mm smooth, round, high grade Sardonyx gemstones
  • Gold-filled and sterling silver, gold-overlay components
  • Stretch design, easy to wear
  • Handmade with love in the USA

Due to the unique and natural irregularity of gemstones, each creation is slightly different and may not look exactly like the jewelry in the photos.

Prices are subject to change without notice, as gemstones in the same, or greater, consistency in cut and quality may not always be obtained at the same price due to several uncontrollable environmental & political factors.


Sardonyxย helps to boost your self control and your level of personal power.ย It is highly protective and embodies a vibration of happiness, optimism and confidence.

It's metaphysical properties encourage motivation, willpower, mental discipline and strength of character.

It is a good stone for anyone studying, or if you work in a job where you require mental discipline to focus on the task at hand.

This stone creates an excellent grounding action through the earth and base chakras, and brings you back to earth after spiritual work.

This stone has been found in a large number of locations including Brazil, India, Germany, Uruguay, Russia and United States, but it is said that the best stone comes from India.

This stone is type of banded or striped Chalcedony, and is a mixture of Onyx and Orange Carnelian.

Also known as Sardian Onyx, it may be clearly banded or have a less defined mix of colors.

Sard stones have been in use since the bronze age. Many stones are a similar color to Carnelian except most are a darker orange.

Sard stones were named for the ancient Turkish city named Sardis.

The meaning of the name Sardonyx relates to the fact that it is a mixture of Onyx and Sard, a type of Orange Carnelian that was well known in ancient times.

Although many people think of Onyx as being black, as the black Onyx stone is so prevalent, Onyx comes in a variety of colors and commonly in bands.

Wondering how Sardonyx will benefit your life? There are a number of ways that it will help you including:

  • Sardonyxย supports discipline, willpower, motivation andย strength of character

  • It has a helpful energy to improve your self control.ย 

  • It is known to be a good stone for anyone studying or for those that work in a job where you require mental disciple to focus on the task at hand.

  • These are beneficial healing crystals for you to use as they have a very protective vibration.

Source: Liz Oakes, via Healing Crystals For You




Sterling silver jewelry is very easy to care for! When you're not wearing your jewelry, use plastic zip-loc bags to prevent them from tarnishing. If your jewelry does tarnish, ourย purple polishing clothsย willย bring your designs back to life!ย But if you really want your jewelry to shine bright, check out this blog post:ย Best Way to Clean Your Jewelry Without Harmful Chemicals.


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