Cali Cow Skull – Cristy Cali

Cali Cow Skull



  • 925 solid sterling silver
  • Consciously handcrafted in Thailand
  • Designed with love in New Orleans

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Courage. Strength. Resilience.

These are the three words that come to me from the cow skull symbol. Popular amongst Native Americans to carve for decor, as no piece of an animal is ever wasted. Different cultures perceive the cow skull differently. Hindus and Buddhists hold the cow as a sacred animal. Contrary to popular belief, cows are a symbol of feminine energy.
If you are a mother or a Taurus, this is an ideal design for you. It's no coincidence Mother's Day falls within the Taurus zodiac. As a land animal, the sign of Taurus is an Earth Element ruled by the planet Venus. You are very strong, especially on the outside, yet sensitive on the inside. Your sensuality allows you to fully enjoy life's pleasures. You can be stubborn, but that's only because you're so passionate, devoted, and loyal. It is often said that Tauruses make the best mothers and care-takers due to their instinctive protective and mother-like nature. 


Sterling silver jewelry is very easy to care for! When you're not wearing your jewelry, use plastic zip-loc bags to prevent them from tarnishing. If your jewelry does tarnish, our purple polishing cloths will bring your designs back to life! But if you really want your jewelry to shine bright, check out this blog post: Best Way to Clean Your Jewelry Without Harmful Chemicals.


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