Banana Leaf Bracelet – Cristy Cali

Banana Leaf Bracelet

$179.40 $299.00


  • 12mm wide 
  • Petite - for wrists between 6 and 7.5"
  • Large - for wrists greater than 7.5"
  • Solid 925 Sterling Silver


Why did I design a collection of Banana Leaf jewelry?

When I was a little girl, my parents had a small house in Metairie with a decent sized yard. At the very back of the yard and centered, was a huge group of Banana trees all grouped together. Fortunately for me, I was small enough to fit behind this massive group of trees and create a secret play area for myself. Throughout my childhood, without my parents knowing, I would bring back tools and supplies I needed to make this area more comfortable - towels, blankets, books, lighting, etc. The thick layers of leaves gave me plenty of shade. So much so, that even in hot New Orleans summers, it was cool enough back there for me to hang out comfortably. 

Banana Leaves, to me, are a reminder of this part of my childhood - where I created a safe haven in nature. It has a very positive meaning to me in my life and I hope my line of Banana Leaf jewelry will also bring you joy and happiness. Nature is loving and caring, and I feel we all need a little reminder in our busy lives to keep nature close to us.


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