Diamond Ying Yang – Cristy Cali

Diamond Ying Yang


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  • 25mm diameter, 30mm with bail
  • Genuine 1mm white & black sapphire, I-clean rated
  • Solid 925 Sterling Silver
  • Consciously handcrafted in Thailand
  • Designed with love in New Orleans, USA


"In the East the yin has come to signify all that is resting, receptive, contracting moist, cold and dark, while the yang make up the Spirit of the universe. The Chinese called this Spirit the chi or Tao and acknowledged that the yang, or male, exists within the yin, just as the yin, or female, exists within the yang. One grows out of the other, and neither could exist without the opposite. Man could not exist without woman, not dark without light. They coexist and interpenetrate the other. Yes, each of these polarities has a positive and a negative expression of itself...

The yin current is magnetic, while the yang is electrical, and since we are electromagnetic beings, these currents exist within every human being, as well as every culture, and they can be expressed in either a positive or a negative way...

The positive side of the masculine path is courage and leadership. This archetype gives us the bravery to act on our convictions, and also to consider the needs and feelings of others. The path of the builder, the doer, the maker, and the creator gives order to the world. This path develops science, knowledge, and understanding and is willing to take chances, but its highest expression is as a champion for truth. 

The positive feminine path is one of wisdom and love. It is the path that connects us to Spirit directly. She is the wise on e who is able to see, hear, feel and know the Divine, as the archetype the Goddess of Wisdom.  (McCannon, 2015, p177-181)

Just as there are positive polarities, the negative ones exist as well. It is our choice how we choose to respond. Choose wisely in the name of love. 

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